Social Sciences (Tikanga ā Iwi)


We try to find as many resources (whether books or online) as possible to learn from, but the first of our staple history curricula is Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer -- author of The Well Trained Mind.

The links to the books are not affiliated :)

Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 have also used:

I don't have the next two volumes  .... yet

A few helpful websites:

Woodlands Junior School has loads of subjects, such as History, Geography, Science....
Worldology - The People, Nations and Events that have shaped our world:

Roman period:

Another site for Middle Ages period:

For the older students:
Veritas Press we tried in July 2013.  We must do it again.

Free from Khan Academy

This is an interesting spin on WWI - NZ is missed out as usual!

American History

These are available on YouTube if I remember correctly.  I purchased the series on DVD some time ago.

Here is another great site for American history:

Possibly handy site for US history, but I haven't looked properly:

A really good site we ♥ to use for NZ History:
Great things on there like:

It is what it is: We ♥ Te Ara - New Zealand's encyclopedia:
We also ♥ Te Papa:

This site "Commonwealth War Graves Commission" has our uncles names who died during WWII:

The New Zealand Journal Blogspot has some awesome kiwiana pics and info.

We also enjoy the Humanities area for History and American Civics over at :-


The following is a very, very basic teaching website:

Although I've not looked too deeply into the next one, I will make a note of it here so that I can remind myself about it.

Hopefully I discover as many New Zealand-relevant websites as possible.  There is a stark contrast between NZ and USA websites when it comes to learning about our Government system!  Koretake.

Here is the Ministry of Education web site:

Curriculum Concepts has some great resources - not free - but worth considering :o)


Back in March 2012 we completed:
A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth is a great text by Ann Voskamp.  It will remain on my shelves for the rest of my children yet to come through.  I like the way it is written, illustrated and enjoy the web links included.  A good entry-level.

Cultural Geography was an excellent resource I used when tama 1 was age 11 or 12.  He's very good with geography so he gobbled this up.  I hope to use this with the other kids, or Home Geography, which we have used from Ambleside Online.

Some of the links I've used above under History and/or other pages - because there are links which cover more subjects than just one.  However, here is one I will add specifically for Geography:
Gosh, I must remember to mention:
We joined over five years ago.  It's a fun way to learn and share about cultures.  I've let it go by-the-by as we get into lots of different things but definitely a great resource.


This next site is something I use (or try to remember to use to be more specific!) for all subjects/grades: