Mathematics (Pāngarau)

Our chosen mathematics curriculum is Math-U-See.  Of all subjects, maths is not my strongest.  I have extremely bad memories of this subject from my school days.  Because of my experience, I always knew mathematics would be the one subject I would follow a curriculum.  I researched many curricula, and MUS is the one that gelled with me.  I like that we watch a video to understand the concept.  I'm a very visual learner.  I will admit that whaiāipo came in handy in the earlier days when I got panic attacks with it.  Whew!

To date we have used Primer, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta and Pre-Algebra.  Tama 1 is nearly at the half-way mark in Algebra as at June 2015.
We have the blocks and fraction overlays.  Although we rarely use them, they still come in handy for the kids to understand a few concepts.  When we've needed them, they've come in very handy, so I do not consider them a waste of money.  I might, possibly, suggest purchasing a second-hand set if you can if you're worried about the outlay.

MUS suits our family - definitely an excellent investment for us.

For extra practice we enjoy the looking at Khan Academy for maths (and humanities).

I'm putting Mathletics here because we have used it in the past.  It is a cost issue which prevents me from re-subscribing.  Our kids enjoyed it and what I liked in particular was the live competition with other students - anywhere in the world.  World Mathletics Day is worthwhile also.  We definitely liked Mathletics, but the $90 or $100 per child price tag can be jolly steep for a homeschooling family.  HOWEVER !!!! (And this is a BIG however), there is a discount through the NCHENZ, so if you're a homeschooling kiwi family, you can get it for $42 per child, per year.  Membership to NCHENZ is FREE, and discounts to many great resources are being sought all the time.  The more members interested and supporting NCHENZ then the better the chances of discounts.  It's a win-win situation.  At the moment though, I'm more than happy with where my kids are in their maths, so this will be one expense I won't be spending in the immediate future.  It would not suit tamāhine 2, who is my struggling student and tama 3 really doesn't need it at the moment. 

Here is an alternative which we tried, because duh, it's FREE:
My bigger kids weren't too interested in it.  I found it rather irksome myself.  Just not my cup of tea.  But hey!  You may like it, plenty of families do.

Actually, I'll pop a website here which was bookmarked.  We haven't used it, mainly because, as I've already bored you with mentioned, our kids are flourishing with MUS. I try to avoid bogging myself down with too many choices.  [Heck no!  That's not me!  I'm an avid researcher from way back, lol.  I end up finding something useful with a site at some point along this homeschooling journey.]  I'll add Maths Centre here for future reference.  I never discount the idea that a different resource may be required, and if you're looking for things to work for your family, then I hope some of these resources come in handy for you too.
Also, from the New Zealand curriculum, here is: