Language Arts (Aheinga Reo)

For Spelling we have enjoyed:
This is a sister site to Mathletics which we occasionally use with our math lessons (under Mathematics).


We've enjoyed Study Ladder and it has certainly improved over time.  Obviously it covers more than just literacy, so, again I could have this slotted into many categories, but you get the idea.  I've re-subscribed this year to see if it helps tamāhine 2 in particular.

The huge advantage to Study Ladder is that it's one fee for everyone - unlike Spellodrome which is per child.  These figures all add up and as much as I don't stop myself from subscribing to great resources, I do have to keep such things in mind when weighing up whether to re-subscribe or not.

The following websites we use on occasion.  There's so much choice on the web, but these are a few we've used to compliment our schooling.

We have enjoyed Ziptales (available through Curriculum Concepts).  I think it's around $50 for a one-year subscription.  It's been a few years ago now when we used it, so it's only my older kids who will remember it.
The next one I found a long, long time ago and now the kids are getting older, we are really making use of it.
Lesson Pathways is a nice supplement to find ideas on literature we may have.
There are other websites we use, but this is a good idea of some of them. Oftentimes I'll search for free lesson plans also.

An online library of classic 19th century illustrated children's books.

the best ebooks at the best price: free!



For my friends in the US and Canada, I came across these lovely CM copywork series:
There's a number of different copywork lessons - the above are but two examples.  I haven't made any enquiries to find out how much it would cost to send to New Zealand (yet) It's $20USD postage to send to Aotearoa, so definitely a no-go for me, but it may be of help/interest to friends in the US and Canada :)

This next site is free membership, with some free copywork available,  I've printed out the Vincent Van Gogh copywork. :)