Languages ( (Ngā Reo)


Visual Latin has been awesome.  Easy, fun and a great way to learn Latin.

The first five lessons are free to download.

We used Prima Latina and had no difficulty using it.  Gentle enough for tama 2 to start with.

I really like Classical Academic Press and have used this as part of our studies for the older kids:
Classical Academic Press also has a fun area for the children to practice:
This is great:  All in Latin!

Latin Course for the Virtual School of Languages

The above is what tama 1 was in to learn Greek Mythology possibly back in 2011 or 2012.  Magistra Sheppard has Latin classes also.  Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton was the text.


A Primer of Biblical Greek - Eerdmans
 powered by

Chinese - Mandarin

Tama 1 completed Level 4 Mandarin on CurrClick with Connie Hong.

Sometimes his teacher will use: for practice.

I found these websites which come in handy too:


I came across the above Chinese for Families or Better Chinese which is Australian-based, so it's a lot closer to home to purchase from at least.

Spanish - Español

There are a truckload of free Español learning websites to be found on the web.  This is my favourite one:
I really ♥ the above free Spanish website.  I equally ♥ this free Spanish website:
Here's a few others I will place here as a bookmark reminder:

Bookmark for future reference (NCEA exams).  Just Spanish at the moment:

I started using this with the kids but we got busy within the studies we had and we let it slide.  I guess it would be classed as a telenovela?  Not because I didn't like it, it's just we became busy.  Putting it here we can access in the future when we want to come back to it:

Japanese - Nihongo

My Nihongo is so rusty it's practically non-existent :(

Although I have a lot of textbooks, they are aimed at adults, not young students.  However, we have this free website which we have tried a few times.


While hunting through Ambleside Online, I was directed to this great French resource.

Came across this also.  Will tag here to remember.

Learn 101 has a bunch of languages, including French so I'm slotting it here.

New Zealand Sign

Here are a couple of websites I've had bookmarked, but they are not free for learning languages just in case they are of use to anyone interested.
Again, this is something I found in my bookmarks. I found things that work for us, so it kind of just got lost in the long list of bookmarks,  However, I've double-checked the  link still works, and it does, so I'll add it here in case you find it of use.
In case you're interested in Hebrew:
The above looks useful. I haven't looked at it thoroughly but I wanted to put it out there for anyone who may be interested.

But seriously, there are SOOOOOOOOOO many websites I could be here till the cows come home.  There's Speekee (ages 4-7) which we used for a little while, plus PetraLingua which I looked at but decided it wasn't for us at the time et cetera et cetera et cetera.  Y'see?  There's just too much to mention.

Here is a comprehensive list found at TOS (The Old Schoolhouse):

The world is your oyster !

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When we are ready, I will try testing the kids with:

 I'm particularly interested in the Cambridge International exams.