Languages (Ngā Reo)


Visual Latin has been awesome.  Easy, fun and a great way to learn Latin.

The first five lessons are free to download.

We used Prima Latina and had no difficulty using it.  Gentle enough for tama 2 to start with.

I really like Classical Academic Press and have used this as part of our studies for the older kids:
Classical Academic Press also has a fun area for the children to practice:
This is great:  All in Latin!

Latin Course for the Virtual School of Languages

The above is what tama 1 was in to learn Greek Mythology possibly back in 2011 or 2012.  Magistra Sheppard has Latin classes also.  Greek Mythology by Edith Hamilton was the text.

Most of our language learning comes through Duolingo nowadays but here are some links we've used/still revisit.


A Primer of Biblical Greek.

Tama 1 completed Level 4 Mandarin on CurrClick with Connie Hong.

Sometimes his teacher will use: for practice.

I found these websites which come in handy too:


I came across the above Chinese for Families or Better Chinese which is Australian-based, so it's a lot closer to home to purchase from at least.

Spanish - Español

There are a truckload of free Español learning websites to be found on the web.  This is my favourite one:
I really ♥ the above free Spanish website.  I equally ♥ this free Spanish website:
Here's a few others I will place here as a bookmark reminder:

Bookmark for future reference (NCEA exams).  Just Spanish at the moment:

I started using this with the kids but we got busy within the studies we had and we let it slide.  I guess it would be classed as a telenovela?  Not because I didn't like it, it's just we became busy.  Putting it here we can access in the future when we want to come back to it:

Japanese - Nihongo

My Nihongo is so rusty it's practically non-existent :(

Although I have a lot of textbooks, they are aimed at adults, not young students.  However, we have this free website which we have tried a few times.


While hunting through Ambleside Online, I was directed to this great French resource.

Came across this also.  Will tag here to remember.

Learn 101 has a bunch of languages, including French so I'm slotting it here.

New Zealand Sign

Here are a couple of websites I've had bookmarked, but they are not free for learning languages just in case they are of use to anyone interested.
Again, this is something I found in my bookmarks. I found things that work for us, so it kind of just got lost in the long list of bookmarks,  However, I've double-checked the  link still works, and it does, so I'll add it here in case you find it of use.
In case you're interested in Hebrew:
The above looks useful. I haven't looked at it thoroughly but I wanted to put it out there for anyone who may be interested.

But seriously, there are SOOOOOOOOOO many websites I could be here till the cows come home.  There's Speekee (ages 4-7) which we used for a little while, plus PetraLingua which I looked at but decided it wasn't for us at the time et cetera et cetera et cetera.  Y'see?  There's just too much to mention.

Here is a comprehensive list found at TOS (The Old Schoolhouse):

The world is your oyster !

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When we are ready, I will try testing the kids with:

 I'm particularly interested in the Cambridge International exams.