RHA Lego Creations

Really, the only ones interested in looking at this page will be our family ... I doubt it will be of much interest to anyone else, but hey, feel free to wade through it all if you've got a brew and feel like zoning out for half an hour.

Our very first Lego 28 July 2012


Here's just a few of the creations tama 2, tama 3 and I think there's something by tama 1 (the harvester).  They were created around my birthday.  So the end of February/beginning of March 2013.

The kids took the photos so some are quite blurry - zooming in too much!

They were meant to dictate about each of their creations, but honestly, they move on to other projects and .... well ... so do I.

But, I want to try and record their play when I can too.

May 2013

13 February 2013

 11th of April 2013
 Little car like the minions car on Despicable Me

30 April 2013

7th of May 2013

 10th of May 2013

Lego Museum - Romankids style
21 May 2013

Tama 3
while kids are at TKD (on a typical night)
11 July 2013

14 July 2013

yet another tama 3 build
He's 5 years old and took photos himself
some are better than others, lol

18 July 2013

20 July 2013


24 July 2013

Goodness me, I haven't put anything to this page for over two years!

Here's tama 3's creations in March 2016

Tama 3 ....

Tama 5 - made an ambulance all by himself on 11 October 2016

His big sister's pretty good at taking blurry photos ;)

12 October 2016

Tama 5 made this 15th November 2016.


  1. LOL ~ Love the intro blurb...I enjoyed the page, hee hee hee!! I actually remember when your children MADE many of those creations!! Wow, time flies - I cannot believe it has been so long. Looks great! :-D

  2. ♥♥♥ Gracias Schere!!

    Time really has flown, hasn't it? I just scrolled through to add a few more pieces and caught site of tama 1 looking soooo much younger ~ wow! LOL