Sunday, 9 July 2017

Week 10 - Term 2 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Last week of Term 2. It flew by incredibly quickly. This post will be extremely short and sweet. Whaiāipo and I have been dealing with a messy transaction recently and this week it seemed to occupy more time and discussion than warranted. It has been especially frustrating for whaiāipo. 

Anyway, let's do a quick wrap-up of the week:


Horse riding

Nadia said she was impressed with the younger ones today. They followed instructions wonderfully and everything seemed to "click" for each of them. Tama 2 rode bareback because his horse wasn't very happy with her saddle when Tama 3 had his lesson. Tamāhine 1 looks a heck of a lot better riding a different horse. She "fits" this horse better. He's taller than the other horse, so they suit each other and watching her control the horse appeared better (to me). It was an absolute pleasure watching her ride today. 

The weather became very chilly shortly after the big kids mounted, which meant that by the time they finished their lesson, we only stuck around briefly to chat about the camp next week. The long-range forecast is far from promising, though! What that means for the kids, I have no idea as yet. All I can say is, I hope the forecast is wrong.

Returning home, we took care of feeding the animals, then ate some lunch ourselves before heading out to visit friends.  The kids and I had a lovely afternoon out.


Most of my day was spent taking care of one last task for the accountant. {I just ♥ Google Docs. Being able to share and collaborate is exciting to me. Remember the days when you had to put things on a floppy disk?!!!}

We accomplished maths, handwriting with the younger ones, reading and music.

The Learner's Concert was on tonight. The kids and I arrived with plenty of time to spare. Whiāipo arrived just as things were about to commence.

What a great night! Honestly, we enjoyed every single performance.  It was fantastic having a blend of the more experienced learners of, say, three years or so, playing with the likes of our kids who have only been playing since the end of March.  Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 were the most novice amongst the performers and they managed to hold their own with ease. I was so engrossed watching tamāhine 1 (she was up before tama 1), that I plum forgot to record her.

I feel guilty that we recorded tama 1 and not her.

So sorry tamāhine 1.


Whaiāipo headed to the Hamilton Limb Centre today to have his prosthetic fixed. 

The plan today was that he would go to Auckland after the appointment.  Unfortunately, he wasn't fitted and checked until late in the afternoon. Had he continued on to Auckland, he wouldn't have returned to Rotorua until midnight. Instead, we agreed we'd all go to Auckland on Saturday after we dropped the kids to the Learner's Camp in Tauranga.

The other downside to whaiāipo finishing at the limb centre so late, meant our plans for the Aeroclub AGM and TKD went right out the window.


Full-on day business-wise. I didn't manage to read with the younger kids as expected, however, we covered the basics.

The big kids did make it to TKD tonight.

After such a concentrated day, I felt like laying back on the couch and reading, but my eyes brain felt too tired to read anymore.  So, the younger ones and I watched some movies instead. I needed to totally veg out after such a busy day juggling between the business and kura.

Major satisfaction with what I accomplished for the business, though.

As much as I avoided the notion of playing a more involved role with the business, it reached a point where I've had no choice.  Already, within a matter of just a few months, my input has already shown benefits.


Tamāhine 1 and tamāhine 2 came downstairs this morning, coughing. Oh no! 

As the day progressed, it was evident tamāhine 1 wouldn't likely be feeling well enough to attend the Youthband Learner's Camp for the weekend.  Her throat was very sore, and just between you, me and the gatepost, I'd prefer she is healthier for horse-riding camp.

I wasn't happy with the cake I baked this morning, so I made lots of biscuits instead.  I found a box to transport them - that way I wasn't having to ask for a container back. Knowing my luck, I'd forget to ask! I also decided we'd prepare the buns in tomorrow morning.

Tamāhine 1 spent the bulk of her day reading


As mentioned yesterday, we made the buns this morning.  Tama 1 was packed and ready to go ... but we had to wait for whaiāipo to get back from two plumbing jobs. Argh!!!

Headed into the city, collected the rental van, came past home and we all transferred across to the rental. We used a rental because our van really is struggling to make it from point A to point B. There's no way it could possibly climb hills. No chance whatsoever.

We arrived just under an hour late. Argh! Not a good look. 

After bidding tama 1 farewell, we headed on to Auckland.  

Our trip to Auckland was pretty much a wasted journey. Doesn't look like we'll be buying a new waka anytime soon. Probably end up fixing our old one. Kei te pai, I'm fine with that. After travelling in the rental van, I appreciate our one even more. We have loads more room, and I do like being able to walk through to the other seats from the front.

Gosh, it has been YEARS since we've been to Auckland. Lots of "Wow!" moments. So much has changed.The roads have certainly improved. But as for the housing this side of the Bombays? Yuck! Auckland is sprawling out so far it's depressing. So much of what was green pastures and farming is now cluttered with housing. I'm so glad not to live there. I find Rotorua is growing large enough that I want to move. But just look at Auckland! Frightening. You can keep it.


Whaiāipo returned home around midday.  Thank goodness nobody else rang.  He picked up tama 1 and one of the other Rotorua students.  I was at home nursing a puku ache.  He rang and suggested takeaways. It wasn't hard to convince me to say yes, please!  The big kids can always take it for their kai at camp apōpō, too.

Oh cool!!  I wanted to add something visual to finish off my post and this is perfect.

It just so happens I was telling a friend overseas that 10 July marks the day NZ introduced the decimal currency. The year was 1967 and I was just over a year old.

There you have it.  A short post.

The three older kids start their horse riding camp tomorrow. Let's hope the weather is lovely.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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