Friday, 30 June 2017

Week 9 - Term 2 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Horse riding went really well.

After the younger ones ride, they will play around me, and quite often lend a hand with whatever needs attending to - which is quite often, the exciting horse manure. :)


As soon as the kids finished their maths this morning, and I completed my morning business checklist, we headed out. The kids stayed and played with friends while I went out for a coffee. As much as it was a business meeting, it was a treat for me to be without the kids for a couple of hours.

We returned home around 2 o'clock. We had lunch and then caught up on reading and writing for the younger ones. Afternoon chores soon took us through to 4 o'clock, then everyone escaped to do whatever.

Band practice tonight. I filled out forms for tama 1 and tamāhine 1 to attend the Learners weekend in a couple of weekends time. Tama 2 had his first official chanter practice. Yay! I've made a note to print out a copy of music for him.Luckily he followed his big sister for a lesson, which meant he simply borrowed her copy this time around.I'll have to make sure we find him a folder and be organised next week.  

If I remember correctly, the other kids all started three weeks before the end of term 1. Tama 2 joined in three weeks before the end of term 2.  {Just sayin'}

I updated the Band calendar to include the Learners Camp. We just need to think about what we can take as a shared kai for the Saturday lunch.


The weather has been lovely this week, albeit cold.  The kids and I have managed to enjoy the outdoors without stomping around in muddy puddles for a change. :)  Bit slack for the washing though.  Today the weather was cold and no wind, so rather pointless hanging anything on the line. But, it's better than having it on the drying rack inside. If I had a dryer, I'd probably take the easy lazy way out and use that, but we've always coped, even with the amount of laundry for nine people.

Tama 3 has been splitting his maths over the day.  He's finding the longer division tiring. Rather than sitting down making it painful to complete in one sitting, we try to accomplish at least one page per day.

The younger ones writing is coming along fine. I won't pretend I find it difficult to be positive about Tamāhine 2's writing, though. As much as I can see improvement, nobody else would.

Enough said.

The little ones and I had to take the older kids to TKD practice tonight. 

Practice at the Ngongotaha Community Hall on Wednesdays from tonight onwards. I'm glad this is the only time I had to take them. There were no seats for us to sit on so we stayed out in the foyer. Well, I know there will be seats, but being a new hall and I didn't want to interrupt a training just to ask for seats, we were perfectly happy having the foyer to ourselves to stay out of the way.  The little ones ran around without disrupting the others.

Whaiāipo joined us after his "instruction evening" which made me happy. 

On the way home he rang me and spoke with one of the kids.  Apparently, I needed to get home because the guy whose van we have been storing at our place was coming to collect it.  We no sooner arrived home and quickly opened the house for the kids, then handed over the key and have a wee chat with the guy. 

I'm glad to see that one gone. 

I just want our Crafter back now, mate!


Tama 4 really isn't keen on learning to read. Have I mentioned this before? I probably have. He becomes anxious at the mere mention of starting a lesson. I've chosen to take the easy way out with him in the past, I know, but I'm hoping to gently press him along next term. By then I will have worked out a rhythm to combine work, school and activities more efficiently.

We watched the BFG this afternoon.  I had no idea we had the kiwi comedian, Jemaine Clement, acting in it.  That was a pleasant surprise.


Another chilly day. Really rather difficult to conjure up any enthusiasm for too much mahi today. 

The older kids knew I wanted them to lend a hand in the shed, but they weren't too surprised when I said we'd wait until it warmed up before we ventured over there. What a wuss huh!? It was a mission, however, we accomplished the task of moving the fireplace from shed to lounge. We will sand it and then apply a couple coats of paint. The weather's not looking too flash for a while, which means we won't be using it because it's dangerous to get up on the roof to work on the flue. Kei te pai. We're doing fine as it is, but yeah, I've decided to bring the fireplace back into house.  I threw a hissy fit a few years ago and decided it had to go. I was fed up cleaning it, stoking it, cutting the wood, carting wood back in the rain &c. Now, after a few years have gone by, I feel ready to have it back in the house. I have kids who are older now and able to help.

My younger brother's birthday today .... Happy Birthday bro.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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