Saturday, 10 June 2017

Week 6 - Term 2 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Queen's Birthday observed in Aotearoa, therefore no school.

The kids spent a good chunk of the day playing outside. It wasn't until around 3pm(ish) that we struck the rain which had been forecast for earlier in the day, so it ended up as rather a bonus to enjoy the outdoors for as long as they did.


Today in History: D-Day 6 June 1944...

... When I drive past the airport I always acknowledge the photos of my uncles which are displayed proudly inside the terminal and greet them with a quick kia ora koutou. I will often block out everything going on around me and simply have their faces in my mind as I carry on driving. I love being able to glance across as we drive past and see my uncles from the road. I will often recall my mother telling me stories of her brothers writing from Egypt, the UK etc and how people loved watching them do the haka or impressing with waiata, how her mother played the piano at the Regent Theatre in town as the newsreel with details of the war played on screen, and what it was like to have many family members off fighting a war... and then the sad reality of losing two of them.

This week, I have had the following short film pop into my mind. I especially remember the scene where the men say a karakia towards the end with the waiata as it closes off. I don't know why I mention any of this on the school blog, but for some reason I just feel compelled to do so today. Perhaps it's because of all the events happening in London over the last few weeks? Or perhaps it's because of the events in history at this time of year such as the Battle of Messines.

So many lives lost - past and present.

I honour the memories of my tūpuna and all souls who sacrificed their lives.  Everyone who fights in a war is a hero to me. They all deserve medals.

We had visitors today which was lovely.  Once they left, the kids and I needed to get ready for Band practice.

Speaking of the Band, here's a "Did you know?" for you.

Did you know that the bagpipes - si dice la gaita en español - are a traditional instrument in Northern Spain? This link takes you to a great blog post if you're interested in learning more about the history of la gaita.  Or, take a couple of minutes to watch the following video I found.

For those who follow me on FB, you will recall I posted the following video on my homeschool page this week.

This young girl was the same age as my eldest daughter. She was very much into her pipe band on her tiny island of only 1000 inhabitants. I am just saddened so much by the senselessness of idiots in the world today; taking the lives of young and old alike. 

As I listen to my daughter putting in so much effort practicing her chanter in the hopes of moving onto the pipes next year, I pause and think of the hundreds of hours Eilidh put into her music to reach the level she did and now, because of some deadly act, she can no longer share her passion of the pipes, nor her other talents, and personality. Every single victim, including Eilidh had their lives stolen that night. 

I pray for the world around us and mourn for the families who have lost their loved ones.


We had lovely blue skies, but aue!!!! he tino makariri.  Due to Queen's Birthday weekend, our lesson was pushed out to today. Two other students arrived during our lesson. One of the girls has been riding since she was little and it shows. I enjoyed watching her ride.

The big kids had TKD tonight so we had a long lunch break while I got on with kai.  The kids snuggled up and read for the rest of the afternoon.  Tamāhine 1 finished Allegiant, so we watched the movie while I prepped kai.

Long training tonight.  Their instructor returned from Vietnam with a gift for each family. He spoke about his experience and what he would like to introduce. We also ordered another jacket for tama 1. Crickey, these kids are growing! We only ordered another jacket for tama 2 a few weeks ago.  LOL. All good though!  All good.


I spent a good chunk of my afternoon working on business matters. I am grateful my big kids follow their schedules without me prodding them to do so.  My younger ones on the other hand ... LOL.

Another thing I worked on was updating our calendars  Hopefully, I remembered to make what I want as 'private', private. Now that I have a mobile, I really like the fact that I can look at my Google calendar when we're out. In saying that, I still like to have my hard-covered diary with me. :)


You will recall I read Wonder a few weeks ago.  Well, Tamāhine 1 started it yesterday afternoon and finished the final pages instead of eating breakfast this morning.

It is apparently being made into a film, to be released later this year (I think).

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to read, for enjoyment, lately. Things are a little chaotic right now.

My boys changed the blades on the mower before I mowed the lawns this afternoon

No sooner did I finish the lawns when someone was at our gate needing assistance with their vehicle. I am so glad I was able to help out. He was worried about getting home to Maketu with his moko. Thank goodness I could help him and have him on his way in no time at all.

I wish I had kept account of how many people have stopped outside our home requiring assistance over the years: from mechanical problems with their vehicle; needing directions to - gosh, you name it!; cyclists needing a place to pitch a tent overnight; hitchhikers in need of a drink of water; or marathon supporters who set themselves up with chairs at the top of the drive and then coming down to ask if they can use the loo. LOL. Being on the 'main drag' you really get used to people popping down the drive.

In Short
  • Tama 1's next Latin book arrived on Tuesday while our visitors were here. He's on his final lesson in his current book. I've enjoyed our conversations about the similarities between the Romance languages, especially Italian. He's easily able to decipher a few words/sentences I have shown him in Italian and we discuss how close the words are in Spanish as well. It is impressive how Tama 1 can tell me what the words are in each language.

    Making an educated guess.

    That's Tama 1.
  • This afternoon (Friday) I was upstairs and heard what I thought was a Dire Straits tune coming from tama 2's computer.  It turns it, it was tama 2 himself playing the tune. Wow! That was so cool. For a kid who's teaching himself and just picking it up by ear, he sounded very impressive.  (I still wish he'd join us at the Highland Pipe Band ... but .. well ... can't push huh?!)
  • Tamāhine 1 has helped her mother by sewing a few things.

    She also made a tunnel for Marmite to run through using a tarpaulin and some plastic pipes whaiāipo had lying around.  It was fun watching them create an agility training course for Marmite this week.

I realise I've written nothing about academics. 

Perhaps it's wishful thinking on my part, but I really think things will start to settle down now so that I can get back to concentrating on school lessons.  I'm just grateful the older ones have been helping the little ones with things like maths and stuff while I've had to step away longer than normal. With their help, we kept school going.

I'll do better next post. :)

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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