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Week 4 & 5 - Term 2 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Another post where I'm combining two weeks.  Lo siento.

Week 4

Monday 22 May

I didn't get to film the kids so much today; I was placed in charge of caring for Mercy's guinea pig.

We will have to get used to leaving earlier on our riding days during winter because we're at a different location (it has longer grass, y'see.). Not all the horses are allowed at this spot, which is a pity. In saying that, it works out fine for our whanāu because the three big kids get to work with the three younger ones. Then, when it's the big kids turn, they receive better one-on-one instruction. It certainly showed today what a difference that made.

Due to a heavy frost this morning in Rotorua, we all rugged up as best we could. I wish I didn't give our Swanndris away now!!! LOL.We managed, though. I like the frosty days that heat up into a late-teens-centigrade temperature. Today was one of those days.

Luckily, tama 2 said his feet were dry at the end of the lesson. It was only tama 1 and tamāhine 1 who had wet feet. Tama 3 didn't have wet feet, even though he didn't have riding boots because he wasn't walking around the paddoks like his older siblings had to. With luck, their boots will arrive before our next lesson and, hopefully, this was the only time they'll have wet feet. I did take their gumboots but they decided they'd put up with wet feet today. Luckily it warmed up quite nicely by the time the older three took their turn to ride - a slight blessing, huh?!

Checked the mail box when we got home and yay!

Grazie infinite, Chelle!

Thoughts and prayers to the victims of the bombing at Manchester.


Busy working on mahi for whaiāipo. Kids knuckled down to their mahi kura without needing any prompting from their mother. 

The little ones were assigned pet duties so I could concentrate all day.

My head was swirling by the time I stopped to make kai before TKD.

{I made a deal with whaiāipo - a bar of chocolate in return for my work. I tell you what! I was more than happy to chomp on chocolate after a week of paperwork, lol.}

Tama 1 still leading the training at TKD.  Their instructor is back in the country next week.


Making good headway with the paperwork for whaiāipo. I completed one large task and then decided I'd tackle the same thing from a different angle. It won't take me a week this time; more like three days I reckon.

The kids weren't idle either. They got stuck into tidying their exercise area in the shed. It had become slightly cluttered when my brother brought some furniture etc to store in the shed. It's back to being functional again.


Learned that my ex-boss, John Chadwick, died today.  Hard to believe he's gone at only 72 years of age. :(  Sad news.  

(Local people will know his wife, Steve, who is our Rotorua mayor.)  

I can guarantee it will be a huge tangi.  

Yeah.  I still feel in shock.


Week 5

Monday 29 May

Everybody had riding boots for today's lesson. They are now suitably attired which is a tremendous relief. Rather than purchase online, we chose a local supplierGrazie mille - especially for the great discount.  That helped immensely!!!

As my regular readers are aware, our riding lessons have moved for the winter months another 7kms towards the city from where we usually ride (2.5km to 3kms from home).

The kids feet all remained dry. Whilst the kids all wore their riding boots, tama 5 and I wore gumboots. (Thought I'd throw in an interesting read about gumboots for you.)

The winter horse-riding location is proving handy for people to notice us.

A friend saw us as she was heading home, so she stopped to have a kōrero. This is the first time anyone, other than whaiāipo, has seen them riding. Her timing was brilliant too because the three older kids were learning to jump today. The jumps may have been small, but boy! it felt truly magical to watch them.

This is the best screenshot I could manage because I had tama 4 do some of the filming after he completed his own riding in order to keep him busy and out of mischief. Tamāhine 1 and tama 2 managed a few tidy jumps, but tama 4 hadn't zoomed in so the quality's not so crash hot. Not to worry, the whānau can always view it on our YouTube channel, ?


Went to John's tangi today at Te Papaiouru, Ōhinemutu. As expected, it was a large occasion. Ngāti Whakaue did proud, their adopted son. I'm glad my dad managed to get a seat, too. :)

Lots of faces from my old working days. Caught up with as many as I could.  I didn't hang around for the hākari though.  Better the manuhiri had plenty.  I had to get to a mini-hui at a friend's anyway.

Moe mai ra e te rangitira, moe mai, moe mai.

Yakked far too long after this afternoon's hui.  Only just managed to drop three kids home before turning around to take the other four into band practice.

I received some feedback as soon as we arrived tonight at band.  Apparently, the 'gents' had been talking about tamāhine 1. They said that the 'new girl' is doing really, really well with the chanter. One of the men quizzed me a little bit about her and was pleasantly surprised when I said the kids don't have formal music training. Their ability (well, tamāhine 1 in particular as that is who he was talking to me about) to read music surprised him. They've taught themselves for the main part, so to have somebody say they're reading it competently (even if it is early days still) I feel like we must be doing okay at this homeschooling gig.

Also, tonight, Tama 1 came out of the drummers learners' room and joined the more advanced learners to practice what they are learning.This effectively means he has improved enough to move ahead.

A new lad arrived tonight so tama 1 provided some awhi and showed him what he began learning when we first rocked along to the band.

We no sooner arrived home after band practice when my eldest brother rang to ask about the tangi. It still amazes me how nowadays you can read about events from thousands of kilometres away over the internet.  I mean, it wasn't really that long ago when they lived in Japan and they would have to wait until we either wrote or spoke on the phone to learn about things.  Now, here they are, in the Middle East (granted, they move to Singapore within weeks), keeping up-to-date faster than I'm able to message them!!! LOL.


Teacher's Day today.  I had quite a puku ache.  The best I could manage was sorting through some accounts, and creating {yet} another Google calendar for the forthcoming band year. I love Google to share with others. I forwarded the link to my friend who doesn't have a Google account, but she's able to edit anything if she wishes. Brilliant for collaboration.

It was a struggle to achieve anything else today, really.

The older kids helped keep things running afloat, bless them!

I may have felt blah but I still watched Backbenches. Did you catch epsiode 3?

The anthem sounds better in Māori if you ask me. Dr Shane Reti has a good voice - even if he is National Party.


I just noticed that Tamāhine 1 has her French textbook out again. I'd hazard a guess she prefers that over Duolingo. Seeing this old textbook has reminded me I started researching for something newer. Once she finishes reviewing, From memory, I think she has only one four units to complete, so I'll get back to researching for something more modern, and then hopefully I have something newer we can transition into once she's finished.

Speaking of languages, tama 1 is refreshing his Spanish.  In the classroom, I noticed he has this on the table:


Tama 4's MUS Alpha finally arrived. There was a slight delay because LearnEx tried contacting me to advise postage to rural properties would be rising.  Argh!  Terrific. The postal system is becoming such an expensive affair in Aotearoa. It costs $1.00 to send a simple letter these days. Yes, my expat Kiwi whānau and friends! an entire dollar. Ridiculous huh?!

Also received in the mail:

Winter officially commenced on the 1st of June in the Southern Hemisphere, which makes it a great time to put one's feet up and with this good read before we get stuck into it in a few months.

Enjoy Queen's Birthday weekend everybody in Aotearoa!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite anō

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