Friday, 19 May 2017

Week 3 - Term 2 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

This post is short.  I've spent a good portion of the week sorting through paperwork for whaiāipo. There isn't much to write about for kura really.


Two of my brothers arrived this afternoon to store gear in our shed. We only had a brief catch-up as they had to return the rental vehicle to Tamakimakarau.  Still, we had a good laugh while they were here.  I finally met my younger brother's girlfriend.  I certainly hope their plans for next year come to fruition. :)


Mother's Day.

These were made by tamāhine 1, with a wee help from tama 5. :)

Tama 1 also had his fifth flying lesson.

Rugged-looking recording, I know, but that's our son, flying!!!!!♥♥♥♥

My jog today was a waste of time.  I ended up eating what I ran off.


Horse riding.

The kids spent their riding time playing different games.  Here they are receiving instructions before they played their first game.  Tama 1 and tama 2 rode bareback today.

We really need to get them riding boots.  Although their sneakers weren't particularly wet, they were damp enough to remind me we had better find boots very soon.

{Quick Update:  Went shopping and we managed to buy three pairs of boots.  The others need to be ordered.}

Next week the school moves a few kilometres away for the winter period.


We had band practice tonight.

Thought I'd throw this in for a bit of fun.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Our school bus went in for a warrant today.  Lo and behold, it actually made it through!

Quite a surprise to me, but yes, I'm relieved.  

Hopefully, by the time the next warrant is due, we'll have a different waka.

Tama 1 led the TKD class again tonight.

We've received a few updates from their instructor while he's in Vietnam.  He's enjoying himself and learning heaps to improve the art.  Look forward to seeing what he comes home to introduce into the Tao Do school.

This is for my whānau who follow the blog, especially my brothers.  We all remember George Wilder in our youth.  It was on this day (17 May 1962) that George Wilder escaped from prison.

Remember this one, boys?!!!!


Caught up with a friend of mine mid-afternoon.  It was great to catch up.

 Another friend of ours came around and fixed a sliding door window in the shed.


Tama 4 completed MUS Primer.  Need to order Alpha now. {Done}

I had tama 2 muck around with the little car today.  He's got it going again.  With luck whaiāipo will book the car for a check-up in the next few weeks.  We just need to get the VW Crafter back first. The mechanic said the part he was waiting for arrived at 4.30 this afternoon.  With luck, we have it back early next week?  The sooner we get it back, the sooner we can sell the Crafter and the school bus. Then we can buy a later model waka for the whānau.  Whaiāipo wants to keep waka iti as a run-about.  (You know, for all those trips I take into town by myself to catch up with friends over a mocha latte at Starbucks!!!!! HA HA HA HA.  Yeah, right!  What lifetime was that then?  For that matter, have I even had a mocha latte?  Probably not.)

Before I go.  I entered the following.  If it interests you, then click on this link

Just figured it was worth a try.  

You never know your luck.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite anō

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