Saturday, 1 April 2017

Week 9 - Term 1 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Rain.  We had rather a lot of it this week.  Monday was very wet.  A very indoors-day.

When it rains

Tama 3 and tama 4 were creative on Scratch.

Yeah, the coffee table's seen better days.  Hei aha.
Lots of lego on rainy days.

Tama 5 started building a toy swing.  

Tamāhine 1 and I sat down and watched Divergent.  I am quite sure that if I hadn't read the book, I wouldn't have watched the movie.  But, as I've said before, I enjoyed it in the end.

We've finally bought more soak holes.  The amount of water that pools around the front of the house, is just ridiculous.  So, we finally got more soak holes to help alleviate the situation.  Maybe we'll dig the holes on Sunday.  Not sure, we'll be a little busy so we'll just have to wait and see.

Although we lots of rain, we did have some finer days.  So glad to get outdoors again.

Like father,

In my haste to close the door in order to hide the mess inside,
I realised after taking the photo I didn't close it properly.

like son ...

Tama 5 is such a funny kid. So many times he will copy his father (like the above. for instance).  He gets the bungy cords and tie-downs and secures his load.  Don't even get me started on the things he unscrews or puts screws into, lol.

Tama 1 put in loads of effort in preparation of his TKD first dan grading.  Although he is a Black Belt already, he has had to wait until he was 15 in order to grade for the adult first dan. 

He and Tamāhine 1 aren't too keen on photos anymore for the blog, which is totally kei te pai.  I chose to get a pic of tama 1 as he did his 100 push ups.  No face, tama 1 - I hope that's okay with you?

I also cropped out as best as I could our ugly, messy shed.  It is such a junk yard.  Motor bikes, motor bike parts, plumbing "junk" and what would normally be found in a shed like a mower, ride-on mower, blah blah blah is just a jumble of mess.  The work-out area is a squeeze amongst the paraphernalia.  I don't even use it anymore.  The clutter just does my head in.  Hence, I moved my stuff into the house late last year.  The kids are better than me at looking past the mess.

Highland Pipe Band

I bought a drum pad (pretty sure that's what you call them).  It came with drumsticks but they have black plastic on the end, so I don't think tama 1 could use them as they won't be uniform to the rest of the band.  He has only put in a little big of drumming practice this week because of his TKD training, but at least he's done something.

Below is the chanter we have on loan from the band.  I realise you can't see it too well in the photo, but I was trying to make sure I hid the music sheets.  These are not ours, so typically, I am uncomfortable to have them clearly presented online.  Tamāhine 1 also didn't practice as much as she would have liked because the three big kids all trained together. They always tautoko each other when something big like a grading is looming.  (I love that!)

I will talk to the rest of the kids and ask if they'd like to try.  If so, we will all go next week.  I won't make a big deal of it if they say no at the moment.  They can always join in later.

TKD Grading

Saturday morning, 1 April 2017

We left for Te Aroha having to race to Bunnings to buy timber for tama 1's board breaks. Luckily they cut them to the right measurement for us so that saved whaiāipo having to cut them up there.

So, we arrived just in the nick of time.  Literally.

How did it go?  

Awesome.  Tama 1 excelled and showed his true character.

As he was presented with his first dan belt, his instructor made the comment that tama 1 has the potential to pass all of the higher graded members (senior instructor included).  It was a great wee speech.  Summed up tama 1 to a T/tee/tea.

I missed him doing his pattern because I was busy with the kids.  I caught most of everything else he did.  Probably missed a little bit of sparring but not much.  Just a pity I missed his pattern.  I'll have to ask if anyone recorded it by any chance.

Daylight Saving ends in Aotearoa Sunday morning, so clocks back e hoa mā.

That'll do for this week's post.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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