Thursday, 13 April 2017

Week 11 - End of Term 1 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Tama 1 had his fourth flying lesson.  He's clocked up two hours now.


Horse Riding

The kids were split into two paddocks today.  That allowed the bigger kids to practice everything they've learned with a little more space.  

The weather is meant to rain again, so I finished off the weeding in the top gardens.  I didn't go outside onto the road area, though.  Not keen on being out on the State Highway with the amount of traffic zooming along at 100 kmph + eh!

Fred Dagg Died

He was 68. Showing my age.  He was a top bloke.  What kiwi didn't love his style of humour, especially this iconic song...

  • Everyone worked on daily maths.
  • Tama 2 did a page from Start Right Year 7 Logic, Reasoning and Problem Solving.  He came up with a couple of answers that were different to the answers in the book, but I gave them to him because he was absolutely correct.  How satisfying to see he is giving it proper thought.
  • Tama 1 is creeping closer to end of his Latin book.  How exciting.
  • Tamāhine 1 and tama 2 work on Duolingo at least two times per week.
  • Tamāhine 1 and tama 2 work well together using their textbook.  They will take turns to read sections and then come together to do questions.
  • Tama 1 reads a lot of his science while he practices tapping on his drum pad.


We had band practice tonight.  Although we had rain today, it cleared when we had to walk to and from the van.  

Nice!  I appreciated that.

This week we started picking up one of the members as she lives on the way into town, so it's only appropriate we give her a lift.  She is one of the drumming tutors.

Although tama 1 and tamāhine 1 went together on the first week, it was only tama 1 who started an instrument.  So that means this was tama 1's fourth week and tamāhine 1's third lesson. Tonight also marked tama 3's first lesson. (I took him last week but there was only one drum tutor.)

It's school holidays next week, so there's no band practice.  I didn't want to wait three weeks before taking tama 3.  He really wanted to go, so I made sure we went.  I'll just have to make sure he keeps up his practice.

Apparently, the senior drumming tutor is impressed with tama 1.  I recall after the first lesson, he made the comment to me that tama 1 did "really well ... really well."  I accepted that as he did okay. Others around me said, if he says that, then tama 1 must have made quite an impression.  The senior drumming tutor doesn't give out compliments like that for just trying.

Tama 1 had his lesson as soon as we walked in the door pretty much, and then he continued to practice while he waited for us to leave.

Tamāhine 1 has made progress.  Her tutor tonight gave a few pointers, but he did say that overall she's coming along very nicely.  She's also ready to move on to another practice sheet.

  • Long division proving difficult for tama 3.  He might do three correct in a row and then muck up the next two.  I usually write the incorrect work on the blackboard in order to watch him. The kids have always managed to work better when they use the blackboard.  I must remember to look on IXL to find some exercises for him.


Made sure I ordered a drumming pad for tama 3.

Also ordered more reeds for tamāhine 1's saxophone. Like a dodo I left it till there's a long weekend approaching eh?!  No worries.  There's always her chanter to practice anyway.

Everybody was under the impression Cyclone Cook would hit us today.  But then the reports started to say it would be Thursday afternoon.

The big kids are doing some mahi for whaiāipo.  It should be enough to pay for their horse riding camp - unless we're too late to book in.

Because we had just a typical rainy day everybody entertained themselves either reading, working in the shed, playing with lego, or, in mum's case watching programmes I've recorded for rainy days.

Piece of trivia for you:  In the August 2016 NZPB magazine I borrowed, I read that in November 2015, a US astronaut played bagpipes on the International Space Station.

Tama 3 has been learning division with remainders this week.  It's been quite hard for him.  We won't move on to lesson 20 until we've practiced a little longer. 

Tama 1 Geometry 29A
Tamāhine 1 Algebra 26A
Tama 2 Pre-Algebra 21F

Tama 2 attempted to start looking at Music Theory before lunch.  I guess a little bit is okay.  Let's hope he picks up the pace on it.


Although a state of emergency was declared, I'll be rather pleased if the cyclone fizzles out.  At least people have taken action to be prepared.  They can complain all they like that it was "all for nothing," but what would they say if something devastating like Edgecumbe occurred again, eh?  Yeah, you can't satisfy everybody can you?

Tama 3 - We started some practice using IXL and he became upset quite easily.  We took a break after only four questions.  He's fine with double-digit being divided by a single digit but try a triple-digit and he goes haywire. 

Big kids worked on science. 

Tama 1 going over Latin vocabulary.  Tamāhine 1 her French with Duolingo.

As part of tama 1's flying lessons, he now has to attend theory practice every Thursday over the next three months.  Tonight was meant to be his first night.  I was so chicken to drive out in the approaching cylone (it was meant to hit land around 6pm), that I asked whaiāipo to come home in time to drive tama 1 to the session instead.  Well!!!  That turned out to be a waste of time.  They got down there and hello! it wasn't on. The trouble is, nobody made contact to let us know.  Hei aha. 

Whaiāipo was going to drop him off and head to a job while tama 1 did his study, but, because it was cancelled, whaiāipo was able to get to the job sooner, which in turn meant he came home at a reasonable hour.

Right, I will leave the post there for this week.  Being the long weekend, we aren't likely to do any kura.

It also marks the end of Term 1 (if one follows the school system in Aotearoa).  If you're taking a break for the holidays, enjoy and stay safe e hoa mā!

Whether the cyclone hits tonight, well, I just wonder.  It's just after 9.30 in the evening and I can't say the rain sounds any different to any other night of rain.  But who knows  Maybe it will strike later in the night.  My brothers are meant to be travelling from Tamakimakaurau tonight.  I pray they are safe if they do decide to head home in this weather.

I'm hoping like anything that whaiāipo doesn't receive any call-outs over Easter.  What are the chances, you think?  P-L-E-A-S-E let him have a long weekend for once!!!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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