Saturday, 8 April 2017

Week 10 - Term 1 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

This will be a super short post this week.

So, apparently, April derives its name from the Latin word aperire which means "to open", ie spring. That doesn't make much sense for southern hemisphere countries, does it? We're in autumn for heaven's sake. We need to change the names of the months, lol.

Just sayin' ....


The kids had the opportunity to try bareback riding towards the end of their lesson.  They really enjoyed themselves.

They had a lesson on tamāhine 1's birthday, too!!!  How totally cool, huh!?  They went for a trek, so that was doubly cool. :)


I took five kids to Highland Band practice this week. Tama 3 and tama 4 decided to come along to check it out. Tama 5 came because he didn't want to be left behind. We took the drum pad we purchased to get the okay.  We didn't take the chanter we purchased though. Tamāhine 1 and I prefer the chanter she has on loan. I will try searching for another one. Perhaps the one I bought will be okay as a spare for when she has the hang of it. I don't like it because it takes a great deal more effort, like you're playing the bagpipes. The chanter requires some "puff," of course! but this thing really tuckers you out straight away. Takes the enjoyment out of it.  Tamāhine 1 does well with the loan chanter. I want to find one that is similar to that.


The weather was absolutely atrocious.  Cyclone Debbie hit with a vengeance around the country.  We had a moat around three-quarters of the property.  We can't dig the soak holes in because we hit the water table only about 600 mls down!!!  So, we have soak holes to help alleviate the issue, yet we can't dig down far enough because there's too much water underneath still.

The most painful part of the story is, we can expect another downpour next week.  Ay ay ay!!!

Apparently, earlier in the morning, whaiāipo sent me a message to say TKD was cancelled due to the road being closed out to Rotoma.  Well, I must have deleted the message without knowing.  By 5.30pm he wasn't home so I bundled everyone in the van and headed out.  We got to the junction and road workers had it blocked off.  I explained we were heading to Rotoma and they said okay, but take it easy, there are lots of slips.

They weren't kidding.  At least half a dozen massive slips which had obviously been cleared during the day to allow single-lane access.  Then there were at least another half a dozen minor slips. Although I didn't enjoy driving in such revolting weather, it at least allowed us all to see for ourselves what it was like, rather than just seeing it on the news.

It was Edgecumbe that was flooded.  The entire township was submerged and therefore had to evacuate.


We were home today so I made sure I started reading I am David by Anne Holm.  My friend gave it to me at band practice last week.

Tama 1 decided he will do Advanced Biology.  Make a mental note to order the textbook.


Squeezed as much mahi kura in the morning because we had dentist appointments in the afternoon. Cruised up to see if koro was home in-between appointments.

Koro wasn't there (as we drove up the driveway, I remembered he was going to Murupara. Duh!!!) But, Uncle Warrick was still there.  He was getting ready to head up to Tamakimakaurau, so it was nice to catch up with him before he headed off.

We harvested our pumpkins when we returned home.  The kids collected 20.

Tama 5 took to them with the hose.  Ugh!  After all the rain we had last week, I really didn't want puddles again so soon, thanks! LOL

More soak holes were delivered today.  Hopefully, the amount we purchased will take care of the main areas where rain collects.  On a typical rainy day, we have two areas where the water pools.  I'll be glad if these soak holes do the trick.


Visit from Nana Nancy and Nana Maureen.  Coming from Pyes Pa Road they turned left, as they normally do and got to Hamurana only to be told they had to turn around and go back through the city.  There were no signs indicating the road was closed back at Pyes Pa Road.  Why not, I don't know.

Hei aha, the visit was superb.  The weather was wonderful, so we spent the bulk of it sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.  Loads of kai and plenty of good conversation and entertainment by the kids - and Marmite.

Whaiāipo popped in to say hi to his mum and then off he went again.  We didn't see him until 9.30pm.  Ugh!

If I've forgotten anything, I will try to remember to add it in next week's blog post.  At this time of the night my brain feels fried.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano 

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