Saturday, 22 April 2017

2017 Term 1 School Holidays - Week 1

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

FINALLY, we collected our chooks and ducks about this time last Saturday. The weather over the past fortnight prevented us from heading north to our friends in Te Aroha. Wow! The flooding up there is just incredible. The river is a lake. They have a go-cart track which is completely submerged in water. As we drove into the township, the water was just metres from houses etc. Absolutely mind-blowing.

The journey home with the birds was quite unadventurous. Just the odd sound from one bird or other, but otherwise, an easy transition.

The kids built a coop. It's practically finished.  At least the birds can use it.

We also made a run for Marmite.  I just need to clear the last of the pumpkins from his area.  The space he uses is where the forts and swings are.  The kids will continue to use the forts, but as for the swings, they will be removed and possibly relocated.

They have more area along the southern side of the shed but we needed to close off some of the northern side to keep Marmite from pestering them too much.  We will extend behind their coop in due course (looking west - or right of the above photo), but at the moment they have plenty of room to explore.

We're taking a semi-school holiday for the fortnight - the younger kids more than the older three. Although the older kids are relaxing more, they also continue to keep up with a few academic subjects of their choice.  That being the case, I'll be leaving it there for this week's post.  Unless you wanted to know that myself and four of the kids didn't get home on Tuesday as early as we should have done following our supermarket shopping ...

On the good side, it wasn't raining.

And, we had just finished the grocery shopping so that meant the kids had food to eat while I took care the tyre! :)

That's probably the two most exciting things I can think of to share from this week's holidays. Everything else was the usual mundane stuff.

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ka kite ano

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