Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week 8 - Term 1 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

Rather than plonk this on my Facebook page, I've placed it here because it gives me hope for tamāhine 2.  It would be great if I could prove the research correct.

This week was a little tiring for me.  The first night the puppy arrived, especially, was very long. The second night, not quite so bad and as the week progressed it became better. Just hard when you can't catch up on the sleep you lost, huh?  I'll certainly be looking forward to when he sleeps through the night, though.

Speaking of the puppy, we had an interesting time naming him.  We ended up holding a vote (how democratic, lol).  Check out what my big kids did:



Ballot Box
The big kids held us in suspense once the voting closed.  Off they went, behind closed doors to do the tally-up.

Te ingoa of te papi?

Que the drum roll .......................................


True. I kid you not.


The boys went off with whaiāipo for haircuts on Thursday, including Tama 5. That's the first time he's actually had it cut by someone else except me.  Boo hoo hoo.  I guess that means I'm redundant in the boys' hair cutting now.
Am I bothered?

No, not really.

Slightly sad to be reminded my youngest is growing up.

But, no, all good.

And, blimey!  He looks like tama 4 with this hair cut!!

Going to the barber shop with their father is an important thing for me.  Their father works so much, that time with the boys is extremely limited.  I could certainly continue cutting everyone's hair, but then the boys wouldn't have their time together with whaiāipo.  Luckily we receive a discount, which eases the {financial} pain, lol.

Monday the 20th of March marked the autumnal equinox.

Tuesday the 20th of March marked the first time our family popped along to the Rotorua Highland Pipe Band.

Huge thanks to my dear friend for allowing us to share in her family's passion.

I only took tama 1 and tamāhine 1 this week to see what they thought and to 'give it a go.'

Unfortunately, they couldn't attempt the bagpipes (well, the chanter would be more specific, I believe) because te tangata who takes it wasn't there this week. However, they were encouraged to try the drums. Tamāhine 1 decided to sit and watch her brother. (She's keen to try the bagpipes, but was happy enough to watch this time around.)

My friend was absolutely right. Everyone is lovely and the atmosphere was extremely relaxed and pleasant, yet the night was fluid and organised.  A lot of names I've probably forgotten already, but, you won't believe it, I actually know one of the other parents from Nihongo days! (well, by rights I know another lady too, but being the koretake wahine that I am, I don't remember her). I spent the night having a kōrero to catch up and watched my old classmate's sons as they practiced their bagpipes.

I don't think you could ever grow tired of hearing the sound of bagpipes.  It's like listening/watching kapa haka.  Chills run down your spine.

The kids came away having really enjoyed themselves and we are all looking forward to returning next week.

It really is nice to be novices at something again.

  • Overall, there wasn't as much book work for the little ones due to the arrival of Marmite.  They spent a lot of time taking him outside to play and/or do his business.
  • We also had dental appointments on Friday which chewed into the afternoon.
  • I started looking at prices for tama 1's science. (There's a sale over at Christian Books for Apologia at the minute, so I'm trying to decide whether to buy Physics now or not.) He will ditch biology once he finishes Exploring Creation with Biology.  He was a good lad to humour me and at least do this textbook, but it is no surprise his passion doesn't lie in biology. He loves physics, so I'm checking Exploring Creation with Physics prices.
  • I've had a short conversation with the other two about further science.  If they choose to continue, then I don't need to purchase anything.  They have more time to decide, but I wanted to check in with them now to get a feel for what they want.


The big kids have been practicing their chosen instruments.  Tamāhine 1 tells me she's only practiced four days this week.  Tama 2 you can guarantee has played his guitar every day.  Tama 1 has practiced his drums every day, but not as long as he would normally.  I know that tama 1 and tamāhine 1 are sticklers for following their timetables to keep themselves on track, so I'm quite sure he'll have lessened something in his schedule to accommodate his extra TKD practice.

Mathematics (Math-U-See)

Tama 1 - Geometry 27C
Tamāhine 1 - Algebra 25D
Tama 2 - Pre-Algebra 21C
Tama 3 - Delta completed 17A
Tama 4 - Primer 18D
Tamāhine 2 continues with IXL.


Tamāhine 2 continues to read the free e-books over at Oxford Owl.  Tama 2 occasionally reads something from there as well, otherwise  International Children's Digital Library.

Tamāhine 1 hasn't been reading as much as she would like, I'm sure, due to her workload. In the last few days, she managed to pick up Divergent.  I read it a few months back, and once she finishes now that she's finished the pukapuka, we'll watch the DVD.  It's not a typical genre for us, but, I actually enjoyed it in the end.  It is part of the booklist from Brave Writer.  We haven't done a very good job using Brave Writer, unfortunately.  Read a number of the books, but nothing else.  It's a pity we never managed to follow through with our friends to have a book club.

I think I'll sign off now.  Whatever I've missed, I'll catch up with some other time.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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