Sunday, 19 March 2017

Week 7 - Term 1 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

It's cute when your little ones experiment with writing, isn't it?  Tama 5 loves his Nutri-Grain, and was sure to write it on the board as a reminder to buy more. lol.


Tama 1 assisted me in teaching tama 3 about right-angle triangles. He made shapes on his computer to explain it more clearly.  That helped me out a great deal. :)  I could concentrate on tamāhine 2 longer.  

Tama 4 decided he would change the angles, which became a hindrance, but, we figured our way around him - as you do. ;)

Tama 1 - completed Geometry 26C
Tamāhine 1 - completed Algebra 25C
Tama 2 - completed Pre-Algebra 21B
Tama 3 - completed Delta 16C and

In Short

○  Tama 3 enjoys the short science lessons. On Friday we completed insects. We head into Ocean habitat next week. (Year 5 Science Workbook.)
○  Tama 4 is working hard to hold his pencil correctly.  Actually, I should mention, tamāhine 2 has improved immensely with her pencil grip, also.

Horse riding 

This week's lesson was moved to Wednesday due to the weather.  It gave tama 1 a few more days to rest his hand at least.

Here's a screenshot of tama 2 going around the barrels.

Flying Lesson #2

Tama 1 had his second lesson, Sunday morning.  Having an eight-week-old puppy I decided to stay home.  Whaiāipo sent me a message to say he was flying over Mokoia, so we kept an eye out as he turned east.  I filmed on my phone as best as I could.  He flew a Cessna this time.  I've taken a quick screenshot where there's a glimpse of our roof and tama 1 flying.


Must show this to tamāhine 1.  Practiced with the Club twice this week.  Tama 1 putting in extra practice at home also in preparation for grading in a few weeks.

And last,
             but not least,
                              we finally have a dog again.
So far, he remains unnamed.  The kids haven't agreed on a name yet, lol.

Whaiāipo brought him home on Saturday afternoon.

It's been years since we had a dog, so we didn't have a collar or a leash.  Tamāhine 1 whipped up a toy for him as well as recycled an old lanyard to make a groovy collar.  Tama 1 created a makeshift leash as well. 

A cardboard box and an old baby blanket for his wee bed.


Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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