Sunday, 12 March 2017

Week 6 - Term 1 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Horse riding

Six lessons down now.  The kids are still thoroughly enjoying themselves.  The weather was sunny but a little breezy so I, for one, came away with windburn.  Felt rather pooped in the afternoon, lol.

I ordered helmets for the kids while they were half price.  They arrived just before I went to the dentist appointment on Friday morning.  I hope they will run a special on boots soon. I would like the kids to have them before winter arrives, (she says as though she's loaded with moolahs, lol).

We've had huge downpours this week. To avoid my plants getting drowned, I brought the potted herbs etc under shelter.  It's not normally quite so cluttered on the decks, but oh well, this is Friday morning after we'd just collected the bins from the top of the driveway for collection day.

Monday night the kids finished this corner of the deck.  Basically, the deck is complete; there's only a little bit whaiāipo needs to bring home and it's done.  Considering the weather forecast for the week is miserable, there's no hurry.  As much as we might need the rain, I'd rather have sunshine thanks.  Hei aha, 'bye 'bye summer!

I fought a toothache this week.  I tried taking painkillers, but by Thursday I knew I had to face the fact it was time for a visit to the dentist.

As expected, my tooth was extracted.  For the next few days the big kids stepped up to the plate and took care of the younger ones and cooked our meals while I rested. Tamāhine 1 even did a bit of baking for the kids.  (Okay, not the type of food to show when talking about a dentist .... but hey, I didn't eat any. LOL)

I should have attended my aunty's tangi but to be honest I felt so blah on Friday and Saturday I just couldn't manage it.



Tama 3 learned about insects this week. We enjoyed searching outside for different insects.  We even found a stick insect.  Tama 1 popped it on one of the strawberry plants so we could study it as we ate lunch and carried on with our lesson in the sunshine. (Ppft!!! Seems ridiculous to mention sunshine with the deluge we - and the rest of the country - have experienced for the rest of the week and weekend!!)

Following our discussion about vertebrates and invertebrates, he found a snail's shell. When I told him they're not actually insects, he looked at me bewildered. "But it has an outside shell?"  Yes, they are invertebrates with exoskeletons but a snail is a gastropod ... and off we went with the rest of the conversation.

We also discussed the fish skeleton they found at the lake.  That was fascinating to talk about, I must say!!! He thought it particularly gruesome at the time.  Aah, yes, but wasn't it fascinating to look at all the little creatures that were found on the skeleton and what their tasks were?

Next week when the weather's nicer we'll poke around for huhu grubs down the back. (And no, I've never eaten one.)


I'm absolutely thrilled with the handwriting from tamāhine 2 and tama 4.  They really enjoy working together.  I've had to draw vertical lines to space out some of the individual letters, otherwise, they'll spend far too long writing excessive amounts of letters on one line.  They haven't quite got the spacing in-between down pat yet. They'll get there, though. In the meantime, I'll space it out for them. :)

I'll begin tama 3 with his handwriting next week.  It's been a little while since he's worked on copywork, but I'm not concerned.  He has to write often enough throughout the day and I like his workmanship.

Speaking of handwriting, tama 1 will find it difficult to write for a wee while.  He has been practicing breaking tiles in preparation for his grading next month.  He broke four at once the other day without a problem. Then he broke a few more over the past few days. This morning, he broke some, but then this afternoon I knew something was ailing him and when he told me it was his hand, I just thought "Argh! Why didn't you say it earlier?" He must have gone at least 4 or 6 hours before I became aware of it.  It definitely looks sprained. I just hope that's all it is.


The younger ones are enjoying their English lessons. We keep them short (15 minutes max). I'm satisfied the levels I chose suit each of them. (Phew!) It's not all seat work. They have to get up to find examples of things which they find highly entertaining.


Still going well.  The younger ones enjoy the workbooks.  We could easily skip forward a number of lessons, but I'm using it as revision after they complete their MUS or IXL.  They enjoy working together and encourage each other with their mahi.

Tama 1 completed Test 25, Geometry.
Tamāhine 1 completed Test 24, Algebra I.
Tama 2 completed Test 26, Pre-Algebra.
Tama 3 completed lesson 15E, Delta.
Tamāhine 2 and tama 4 continue with their mixture.

In short

♣ TKD is going well.  Grading is only three Saturdays away.  I'm concerned about tama 1's hand though. 

♣  No flying lesson today.  Postponed to next week.

♣ Thank goodness for Lego.  The young ones amused themselves with their Lego throughout this rainy week.

♣ At least when it rains I can't hear the saxophone or drums being played in the shed, LOL.

♣ We're all doing great with Duolingo.

♣ Tama 1 still rockin' along with Latin.  I really need to start everybody else again.

♣ Tama 3 continues with Reading Eggs.

♣ Instruments - They continue to practice their chosen instruments.  Tama 3 will dodge his practice sometimes .... tsk tsk.

♣  Daylight Saving starts in the States, Sunday 12 March.  Boo hoo. That means only three weeks left in Aotearoa.

♣ I'll finish with a photo. Whaiāipo swapped out my kitchen tap. There was nothing wrong with it, but he came home with two types of taps.  I asked for this one. "It looks like a shower," tama 5 said.  Āe, it does. Our kitchen practically works like an industrial kitchen, so this style suits me just fine.

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ka kite ano

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