Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Week 5 Term 1

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

The first couple of weeks into Term 1 weren't particularly satisfying with the younger ones. I felt as though we were getting nowhere fast.

So, I spent money and changed gears.

Pfft!!! What happened to schooling for free this year? Yeah, well, that's been blown out of the water already, huh!?

We're using workbooks.  Yep!!!  Workbooks!!!

Apart from Math-U-See, we've never used workbooks, so this is quite a change.

Why workbooks? Well, I felt like I needed to try this method to keep us moving forward. Not so much to stay on track, but rather, to get back on track.

(For copyright reasons, I can't share anything from the books, but from the link you can look at samples.)

With Maths, tama 3 and tama 4 still do their daily MUS lesson and then we do a page or two from the Start Right workbooks.  Tamāhine 2 uses IXL and then does her workbook as well.  Once her subscription runs out, we may just with the workbook.

The three of them really enjoyed doing their English lessons yesterday.  (Tamāhine 1 and tama 4 are doing the same Year level, while tama 3 works on a different Year.)  This afternoon, I think I will try them on Social Studies.

What else have they achieved?  Oh, yes, handwriting.

Although I have no problem printing our own handwriting practice sheets, it's been helpful having a workbook to jazz things up a bit.

I'm pleased to be using something Kiwi.

As for the older three, they are progressing well.  They created a timetable for this term (just like they did last year) and have kept themselves on task.  

In saying that, Tama 2 isn't completing his maths every day, which I am trying not to make a drama over.  I know he's spending time, (more than I'd prefer if I'm honest), practicing his guitar. Considering the kids are teaching themselves their instruments, I allow them to devote whatever length of time they want to their instrument. Tama 2 just happens to spend a great deal longer than the others, lol.

Seeing as we won't be doing NCEA until next year, I might look into the other material on offer from ESA.  The older kids have plenty to keep them busy this term, however, I will spend some time researching what we could utilise next term.  Even though I'm more than happy with what we use for Science, I just might purchase a study guide or two to familiarise ourselves for NCEA.

... We'll see ....


I love that we are novices at something again.

Also, it is brilliant to have another activity the kids are all doing together.

We're already five weeks in, would you believe?!

After our first riding lesson, we headed to The Warehouse and bought Schooltex Packaway Parkas. We also bought Drill Cargo Pocket trousers.  They haven't needed them yet, but at least we're ready for the cooler weather. As much as I'd like to buy helmets and boots, they'll simply have to wait until we either win Lotto, or have saved enough, or option number three (which is most likely) we end up using the credit card and put the supervision allowance towards it later in the year!!! The kids' instructor advised me to buy boots first, so that's what I'll try and budget for next.  In order to do that, I absolutely MUST watch my spending on curricula.  That probably means no Cambridge exams, and no signing up for NCEA with Te Kura. Tama 1 will just have to wait till next year when he's 16 and eligible for free.

"Watch her spending?  She just told me she's bought Start Right workbooks!!"

Yeah, I hear yah.

What can I say?

Anyway, we were talking about eke hoiho ....

The kids started learning how to trot last week.  That was exciting.  I couldn't stop giggling as I watched tama 3 bobbing about.  He improved this week.  Still bobbing about a couple of times, but at least he managed to trot in a straight line.

I started an eke hoiho blog, but that's private.  Only whānau can see that.  I've got unedited videos and loads of photos from each lesson.

We've started walking in the Redwoods again which is nice.  Summertime it gets too manic with tourists.  Now that summer is coming to a close, and we lessen our lake days, it's back to a hīkoi.

After many, many years, I no longer need to take a buggy.  Everybody can walk without being carried (well, on the short walks).  Tama 5 does get a piggy-back on longer ones.

That's almost sad in a way to say I don't need a buggy or carry anyone.


I'm actually more than happy to only carry a backpack with waters and my phone to film the kids.

My Dad and brothers all wished me Happy Birthday.  I said a prayer as I thought of mum in Heaven and thanked her for being my mum.

My eldest brother told me they're leaving Bahrain in the next three or four weeks for Singapore. My sister-in-law has landed a job there. I'm sure my brother won't have any difficulty finding employment.  The good thing is, they'll be closer to Aotearoa.  Not that we're ever likely to visit them.  My brother said, "You never know."  Yeah, ha ha.  Wishful thinking.  I've as much chance of visiting them overseas as I did in having Oprah Winfrey or Reese Witherspoon popping in for a coffee when they were here. LOL.  It was nice to see such positive comments and Instagram pics about Aotearoa.

(I mentioned the celebrities for mi amiga en los Estados Unidos de América.  Did you know they had been to Aotearoa, Schere?)


Just before I sign off.

This morning we had a little bit of excitement.

We have a change in contractors for the commercial bin.  As always, tama 5 asked me loads of questions about why the other bin was going, discussing the difference in the colours of the bins and whatever other things he found fascinating.

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ka kite ano

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  1. Wow! Everything is progress so well! You are a fantastic teacher and marvelous mum.
    Happy Birthday, and we all love you & your darling family! God bless you!