Saturday, 25 November 2017

Weeks 3 to 6 - Term 4 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

You'll recall our laptop screen is broken, which has been a major pain.  Although the laptop functions, it will freeze at any given moment.  I'm sure you can imagine how annoying that is when you're working on something.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to replace/repair the computer because we have two one vehicles off the road and they are likely to cost us a few thousand to fix. (The Crafter is now back on the road, with a new warrant to boot.  Good.  Now, as soon as the other one is returned, we will be in a position to sell the VW.)

So, replacing the computer goes on the backburner for a while.

Frustration would sum up the last month: I've not kept up with this blog, photos won't upload to this broken computer, vehicles breaking down, whaiāipo working seven days a week, and almost losing Marmite.

I'll share the story of what happened with Marmite. Tama 3 was playing with him down the back by the native bush area.  There's one area near the bush that has blackberry. Well, Marmite managed to break free from his harness and took off into the scrub. Tama 3 ran back to tell me. The three little boys and I are screaming for Marmite at the spot tama 3 had left the harness. I could neither see him nor hear him, so I came back, grabbed my gumboots and headed towards the lake. It is still very swampy along the track leading to the lake, so I gave up when I reached as far as I could. I was hoping Marmite, if he had tried to reach the lake, had decided to turn around too. After what felt like an hour but was most likely just ten minutes I decided to push my way through the blackberry in the hopes he was tangled in there somewhere.  The long and the short of it; he had indeed become sneered. He didn't bark or attempt to help me to get him out.  (Thanks Marmite!!)  The poor pup.  He was very quiet for a long time afterwards.  We all cuddled him and petted him - relieved he was okay.


What can I say about school?  Not a huge amount. This term hasn't been the best, really. I should be happy at least to have improved tamāhine 2's reading level. (We are now reading from Elson Readers Book 1.) Tama 4 has reached Map 7 of Reading Eggs, which is encouraging to think he may have that completed by the end of the year.  Tama 4 is also moving along very nicely in MUS Alpha.  Speaking of MUS, tama 3 will complete Delta before his birthday next month. He completed the textbook on Friday and only has the test pages left.  We will spread them out over the week.  For the most part, he has mastered everything.

Tama 2 and tamāhine 1's output can be left wanting with their maths nowadays. When they do produce their work, they prove to know concepts. Tama 1 continues with Algebra 2.  That is proving quite the challenge but he is studious and is coping.  It will be interesting to see what happens next year when he transitions to NCEA.

The big kids are working steadily with their science. They pick up IEW as often as possible - Tama 1 probably concentrates on Latin more than Fix-It Grammar. I am okay with that!! (I think I will have him do NCEA Latin.) Speaking of Latin, tama 3 is making slow but steady progress. We are only on lesson 6 of Prima Latina. He's not as keen as the bigger kids were to learn Latin. He'd rather play with his darn Lego, or be outside. Argh.

Everyone practices their instruments each day. (Well tama 2 is not as consistent as the other three. He will muck around with his guitar daily but his chanter? ...)

Our weekly horse-riding lessons are a joy.  Tama 4 had a couple of meltdowns the first two weeks back this term because he is not being lead around anymore.  He was becoming frustrated that his horse wanted to eat rather than walk.  He began tugging at his horse without success.  Then the tears started.  Oh dear, I thought the first week he would get off.  But, he didn't.  After the meltdown and a little chit-chat from Tash and myself, he continued.  The second week we had a tiny cry but he bounced back faster because we had talked and reminded him that his horse might stop and choose to eat, and not to be upset that he can't get him to move again.

TKD continues without issues.  The big kids still enjoy themselves.

The little ones and I finished Mary Poppins Comes Back.  We took a little break and have now commenced Book 3 - Mary Poppins Opens the Door.  We just read Chapter "Mr Twigley's Wishes."  With luck we'll finish by Christmas.  If all went well, we would finish Book 4 as well, but we won't jump ahead of ourselves, will we?!

The weather is finally heating up.  Honestly, spring has simply been an extension of winter.  The odd days have been lovely, but the bulk have been cold, wet, windy and down south they even had snow.

With the weather continuing to be wet these past few months, we still can't place any soak holes around the property.  Oh well, hopefully summer is brilliant and the lake level subsides enough.

I know this isn't the best update I could write after a long absence, but without my computer functioning properly, it's gonna have to do I'm afraid.

The big kids were at grading today. It was held at the Ngongotaha Hall, which is truly awesome to host it in Rotorua for the first time. I baked yesterday and cooked some honey soy chicken drumsticks which the little ones and I delivered late in the afternoon.

I have lost some of my mojo this week. A friend asked if everything was all right because she said I didn't look like my usual self.  Being the insecure introvert that I am it threw me and I let myself dwell on it all week.  I need to snap out of it. Now.  I didn't think there was anything wrong at the time but even after nearly a week I am second-guessing myself and my disappointment with school has manifested into quite a sour note for me. I haven't been pleasant to anyone for days now.

Menopause maybe? The weird thing at my age is figuring out if I am actually going through it and at the same time praying I'm not.

Anyway time to organise kai.

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Friday, 27 October 2017

Week 2 - Term 4 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!


Labour Day. No kura, but tama 1 had band.  He found out he definitely needs to attend the competition at Hamilton Gardens in the 4th of November.

Horse-riding was pushed to 1 o'clock this afternoon.  Kei te pai.  I made some chocolate biscuits to go along with the cake, to keep a couple of the kids happy.  (I'd say at least the younger four kids don't like anything except chocolate cake!)

We powered through maths this morning.
Reading when we returned home around 3.30pm.
Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers Primer.  In the Barnyard.
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs

The older kids went about their science and/or Latin.

Band Practice for everyone else. While sitting inside I received a text message. My big brother was in town. He decided to visit us at the band hall. My sister-in-law and one of my nieces also came down. There was a lot to talk about. By the time we were ready to leave Garth said they would come to our place tomorrow for half an hour before heading back to Auckland.

Had a great chat with my brother and family. I'm glad they came because the little ones hadn't seen them.  This is the first time in over a decade they have been in Aotearoa in spring.  Now that they live in Singapore, they will even come home for Christmas!!!!  Wow!!!  It's probably nigh on two decades they were last here for Christmas.  Exciting stuff.

Our laptop is definitely defunct.  I am using my Kindle to type this week's post. Because it is slow-going using two fingers this is going to be a particularly short post. There will be no photos either.

We read another chapter from Mary Poppins Comes Back.  The chapter was called Topsy Turvy.

TKD tonight in Ngongotaha.

I stayed up last night 🌙  reading the final few chapters of Around the World 🌎 in 80 Days.  I am trying to decide how to read the parts of sati and the opium chapter when I read it with the younger kids. I wonder what the abridged version is like?

Tamāhine 2 completed reading Elson Readers Primer. I will try her with the next McGuffey Reader:
Woo hoo!! I managed to upload a picture !!!

Spent a little time reviewing Latin with Tama 3 after our morning lessons.

The younger kids played while I mowed the lawns this afternoon.  The older kids didn't manage to finish the ride-in mowing so I took over when they dressed for TKD tonight.

What a muddle of a day.  We managed the usual this morning but by afternoon I was wasting time trying to juggle business and kura. With the laptop not working I had trouble printing what we needed so I flagged SOTW and science in the end. We finished school with a couple of lessons from First Language Lessons, art, and another review of Latin instead.

I eventually completed the work I needed to do for whaiāipo.  One of the problems I encountered was entering the incorrect password and kicking myself out of the bank. Typically it wasn't during business hours that I managed to do that was it?  Frustration. Total frustration.  Luckily it wasn't the main account so waiting until tomorrow to reset the password wasn't going to put me behind.

Well, I will leave it there.  Having to use the Kindle has proven challenging for me.  Such a pity because I would have liked to have included pictures from the Goat Vote.  We finally named the goats, and the kids went absolutely all-out with the elections.  It was an absolute hoot.  Adults sat in the lounge while the kids broadcast from the classroom "live" on the TV.  It was so much fun.  We had entertainment during the "ad breaks" also, (movie reviews, the weather and a singing/dancing segment).

The goats are now Fili and Felonious.

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Friday, 20 October 2017

Week 1 - Term 4 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Tama 2 - 26B
Tama 4 - Alpha 7A, 7B
Tama 3 - Delta 27A
Tamāhine 2 - IXL

Tama 2 and tamāhine 1 worked on SOTW with the little ones while I was out with tama 1 today.  He had to be at the band hall by 11 o'clock. (Tama 1 needed to learn two tunes before we attended a funeral with the band, namely Skye Boat Song and Highland Cathedral). The service was held at the Sir Howard Morrison Performing Arts Centre. A big crowd. Koro was there because the gentleman who died was a retired policeman, like my dad. Naturally, dad knew a lot of people which meant having to wait for my opportunity to be with him afterward. Walking back to his waka, I had a reality check.  He's getting older.  I was amazed at how slow his pace was. It's not that I'm unaware my dad is in his 80s, it's just you remember the gait he had, and the trouble to keep up! But now ... goodness!!

By the time we returned home, I didn't feel 100 per cent.  Lucky for me, tamāhine 1 had baked the biscuits for horse riding tomorrow. {Oh thank goodness!} I actually felt crook late yesterday afternoon but thought I was feeling brighter by the time we left for the service.

Come 4 o'clock I decided to ask tama 2 to cook kai. Whaiāipo returned in plenty of time to drive tama 1 to band practice tonight.  I slumped myself in bed and watched movies with the younger ones.


Horse-riding today.  Our first lesson back for this final term of the year.  We're back at the original location (remember, it's just a few kilometres from home?)  Really pleased to be back there.  The kids are back to having a horse each, which also means it's a two-hour lesson again.  Today especially I was happy to have a two-hour lesson because my puku felt peculiar - and continued to feel peculiar on and off for the remainder of the day.

The older ones kept themselves busy with their mahi, while the little ones played most of the afternoon. Whaiāipo was late returning home. I chose to drop the kids off at band practice and headed home pretty promptly. Thankfully, whaiāipo came home and said he'd pick up the kids.  This allowed me to cook kai (yes, I normally have it all done and dusted before the kids' evening activities, but not tonight).


Tama 5 - Primer - Lesson 1A-1F
Tama 4 - Alpha Lesson
Tama 3 - Delta Lesson 27C

Tamāhine 2 - Who Likes North Wind? Elson Reader Primer
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 5 Lesson 49

The weather was gorgeous today. We've seen very little of sunshine lately.  What a welcomed change! Everyone took advantage of the lovely weather and exercised today.

TKD in Ngongotaha tonight.


Tama 5 - Primer Lesson 2A-2F
Tama 3 - Delta Lesson 27D
Tamāhine 2 - MUS and IXL 3 Patterns
Tama 4 - Alpha Lesson 18F and 18X

Reading - Tama 4 completed map 5, Lesson 50.  I asked if he'd like to attempt the test, and he agreed.  He passed.  So, we're over to map 6.
Tamāhine 2 - We read How Patty Gave Thanks and then The Little Christmas Tree. She only has six stories left, I think.  Elson Readers has worked wonderfully for my struggling reader. The stories are "wholesome." I particularly like the Times Roman typescript also. No confusions over letters.

TKD in Rotoma.  Whaiāipo worked late. He didn't ring me until the last minute to let me know, which afforded absolutely no time whatsoever to gather anything for the younger ones. The big kids were five minutes late; had the younger kids gathered shoes, toys or books, we'd have been even later.

I knew this week would be muddled with tranpsorting the kids.  Maybe it's because it's the first week back to everything, but really, it's because we already knew whaiāipo would be working long hours.  He has been leaving earlier in the mornings, trying to squeeze more into the day, but, yeah, the week panned out as thought.


Tamāhine 1 - MUS Algebra Lesson 33A
Tama 5 - MUS Primer 3A
Tama 4 - Alpha Lesson 19A and 19B
Tama 3 - Delta Lesson 27E
Tamāhine 1 - MUS and IXL
Tama 1 - Algebra 2 Lesson 10D

We finally continued with Mary Poppins Comes Back.  Today we read chapter three called "Bad Wednesday."  Of special significance for us was on page 285 (tama 4's real name appears!!)

The kids coloured-in while I read.  Here is what tama 5 decided to make - a bookmark.  He managed to measure and cut it out himself as well.  He used the bookmark on the right-hand side to copy the letters.

Tamāhine 2 read Our Flag and The Easter Rabbit.
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 6 Lesson 51.  He also read a little bit from McGuffey Eclectic Primer.

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Saturday, 14 October 2017

2017 Term 3 Holidays - Week 2

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Tama 1 - watched his video for the next lesson
Tamāhine 1 - Algebra 32E
Tama 2 - Pre-Algebra 25E
Tama 4 - Alpha 17B
Tamāhine 2 - IXL
Tama 3 - IXL

Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 5 Lesson 47
Tamāhine 2 - What Brown Pussy Saw and The Brook

Prima Latina lesson 4


Fix-It Grammar
Tama 2 checked off Week 1 Frog Prince or Just Deserts with me.  He did very well indeed.  He can be happy with his efforts, especially as it's been months and months since they completed Robin Hood.

Pipe Band
Whaiāipo and tama 1 picked up another family on the way through tonight.


The big kids worked on their science while I worked with the younger ones.

Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 17C and 17D
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 26E
Tama 2 - MUS Pre-Algebra 25F.  Very pleased with his maths.  Considering he hasn't picked up his maths in weeks months, I am more than happy with what he's produced these last few lessons.  Any MUS user will know that D, E and F of any lesson are Systematic Reviews, hence the student will be given a variety of concepts from Day Dot of their MUS journey.  Having had a long spell of no-maths, I wondered what the results would be.  He aced the entire lesson (A-F).  Based on that information, I would think it a safe bet that he'll cruise through the test.

After lunch tama 4 and tama 5 worked on some music.

I managed to hang some washing out for a few hours before it rained {again}.  Seriously! This weather is just beyond annoying.  I almost wish I owned a clothes dryer.  The clothes racks have hardly ever been put away since winter. Days like today are such a pain - hang clothes out, only to race outside to bring it in half-damp.  But, we cope.

Lego has moved upstairs again.  I've had enough of Marmite eating it.  He's not allowed upstairs, so, I had the kids gather it together and upstairs we went.  I let them play for the rest of the afternoon, because I received a message that tama 1 could have an extra drumming lesson tonight, so I needed to prep kai.  Whaiāipo came with us tonight.  We picked up one of the other young drummers on the way through, arriving around 7 o'clock. When we returned home I spent some time trying to figure out the application form for the Summer Camp to be held in Ōtautahi in January.  I found it very confusing, deciding to seek help tomorrow.


Tamāhine 1 - Algebra Test 32 - no sweat
Tama 4 - Alpha 17E and 17F
Tamāhine 2 - IXL
Tama 3 - Delta 26F
Tama 2 - Pre-Algebra Test 25 - totally aced it!  (Like I said yesterday, he hasn't picked up his maths book in a long time, so to have him ace the test is very pleasing.)

Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers Primer - The Windmill
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 5 Lesson 48

Tama 3 and tama 4

TKD in Ngongotaha.


Tama 4 - Alpha Test & Activity Booklet 17X

The weather was super lovely today, and the kids were keen to be outside to soak it all in.  So that's what they did for the rest of the day.

I took advantage of relaxing and read a book.  It was a quick read.  Lovely wee story.  I have the kindle version.

While the big kids were at TKD in Rotoma tonight, I decided to look at flights to Ōtautahi for tama 1 in January.

I also finally sent the actual enrolment form to attend the Summer Camp.  It took me much longer than I thought because I was stuck on answering some questions.  We didn't know anything about qualifications or the Youthband.  I don't like to leave things unanswered, but that's what I had to do in the end.

I've chosen to have tama 1 stay at the campus.  Everything will be provided and he'll be right there without having to worry about getting from A to B.  Kai will be put on and the accommodation looks extremely comfortable.  Happy with that decision.


I went ahead and booked all the flights for January.  By the time I finished all of that, I needed to catch up on some mahi for whaiāipo, so the younger kids were allowed to play in the end.  The boys did manage to work on music though, so I didn't feel too guilty that the day wasn't as productive as it could have been.  Considering it's the last day of school holidays, we'll just mark it as a holiday.

Tamāhine 1 decided to block out her afternoon to finish reading ...

When she finished she was very sad.  She wanted there to be more. "Jules Verne should have written a sequel." It is quite depressing when you finish a great book, isn't it? Hopefully watching the movie will help her.

More depressing for me was having my laptop screen decide to play up.  It's all funny colours now, but I'll simply have to put up with it until we can afford something else.  I guess at least it decided to pack a sad when I'd finished printing some of the syllabi for pipeband qualifications.  I figured I'd print the first two levels for the kids to browse through.  At some point one of the tutors will discuss all of this with them.  {Sooo much to discover still within this new culture.  It's just a case of learning the music, huh?!  I'm excited for the kids that this will be a life-long pursuit.  Pretty nifty way to become connected to our Scottish ancestry too.}

To take her mind off things, I asked tamahine 1 to cook kai tonight.  She made a lovely job of the ragù.  She and her brothers stayed up very late tonight.

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Saturday, 7 October 2017

2017 Term 3 School Holidays - Week 1

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Dropped the kids off at Lake View Bible Camp.  Nice location.  Facilities look very good.  I trust they will enjoy themselves.  Grateful it is close-to-home.

After dropping tama 1 and tamāhine 1 at the Pipe Band camp, we ventured into the city to buy suit bags at Farmers.
Normally $10 (cheap!) but they have a special running at the moment! $7.99

Then we headed to Dollar Star to buy these clamps which others at the Pipe Band told me about. Everyone who told me about them was absolutely right.  They are brilliant - and only $2.50 for a pack of four!!!!  I grabbed four sets in preparation of the other three reaching full band status.

Why are they recommended?  Well, for none other than to hang up the (very heavy) kilts. Oh! and another thing required - strong, wooden hangers! I'm just using hangers mum gave me as a child.

Tama 2 - MUS Pre-Algebra 25B
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 26A and 26B
Tama 4 - MUS Alpha - 16A and 16B


Mary Poppins Comes Back - Chapter Two

Watched The Trolls as our treat for the day.  It's school holidays around the country, so I think we'll do some mahi and on days like today, where the weather is somewhat fickle, we'll watch a movie.

It feels peculiar without tama 1 and tamāhine 1 being around.

Kids had free time this afternoon while I worked on some business.  I'll throw in one photo tama 3 took of some of the ducks.

Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers - The Little Pig.  She read really well today.  This Reader is working wonders for her.  Soooo pleased.  We could actually hug about her achievement today.
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 5 Lesson 44


Tama 3 - MUS Delta 26C
Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 16C and 16D
Tama 2 - Pre-Algebra 25C


I mowed the lawn this afternoon and the kids played outside for the rest of the day.

Caught up with a good friend this afternoon.

Popped along to the talent show the kids had at camp around 7.30pm.  (It was my excuse to see the kids more than anything else.)


Other than tama 2 working on some science, we took the day off because we collected tama 1 and tamāhine 1 from camp.

Both kids won cups for their overall performance/attitudes.  I had absolutely no idea and to be honest I wasn't recording or photographing as I couldn't hear the speeches being made.  It wasn't until I saw them walking up that I realised what was going on, so I tried to capture them returning to their seats with their individual cups.

To our friends in the US:
Reveille is yet another word we pronounce differently.
REV-a-lee for you, 
and we pronounce it as ra-VAL-ee.

The sun was shining without a cold breeze for a change, and the kids needed no indication from me to enjoy the outdoors.

Early kai and then it was time for TKD in Ngongotaha.


It feels like forever since the kids have been able to play outside at breakfast time.  I was more than happy they headed out to run and play this morning because the forecast indicated showers this afternoon.

Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 16E, 16F and 16X
Tama 1 - MUS Algebra 2 - 9E
Tama 2 - MUS Pre-Algebra 25D
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 26D
Tamāhine 2 - IXL

Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers: Primer - Little Rabbit and Jack Rabbit's Visit
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 5 Lesson 45

The rain certainly made its appearance around 3 o'clock. Ugh.  I'm over rain.  Well. And. Truly. Over. It.

TKD at Rotoma tonight.

I finally finished reading The Judas Pair tonight.


Tama 3 - MUS Delta 26D (we didn't quite finish the second page yesterday)
Tamāhine 2 - IXL
Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 17A
Tama 1 - MUS Algebra 2 - 9D and Test 9 (2 is A)

Reading - Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers: Primer - Bobbie Squirrel's Tail and Ned Visits Grandmother.  (It honestly feels like we're turning a corner. Her reading has improved significantly. We will still continue with slow and steady because it has worked!!)
Tama 4 - Reading Eggs Map 5 Lesson 46.  This was a little more challenging.  He hasn't tackled words like crown, throne, castle and said before.  I am more than happy with the steady progress he is making.  The letters that tripped him up all the time, are doing less so now.  With his siblings having successfully used Reading Eggs, I'm happy with where he is.

Koro arrived and stayed for lunch.

Uncle Warrick popped out later in the afternoon.

No sooner had he left when Master Craig (TKD) arrived to spend a few hours with the boys.  He has enlisted their digital savvy to create a few things for the club.  I quickly baked while they worked as I had nothing to offer other than a cuppa.


Whaiāipo, of course, had work today so the kids and I tried sorting through clothing. The bulk of their clothes aren't really fit for giveaway bags, because they have been worn thin. However, we did manage to fill at least one bag.

I really need to sort through books next.  Gasp!  Do I have to?  Yeah, I probably should.

Tamāhine 2 read Little Owl.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Week 10 - Term 3 2017

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

First thing I'll mention:  It would appear I was correct. My blog had a massive number of hits during Māori Language Week, then the following week it dropped to half that amount.  Last week ... back to the normal handful.  Tēnā koutou e hoa mā!


Yay!  Daylight Saving (NOT Savings!!!) began this morning. 

Whaiāipo spent a few hours with us this morning, but, yeah, off to mahi he went. 

This is the first time in years that the kids and I did the grocery shopping without him.  It felt really weird. :(  

But, hey!  I managed to buy tama 1 a white long-sleeved shirt at least.  Went to Farmers and thankfully, we found a suitable shirt.  I closed my eyes at the checkout counter though!!!  Gulp!


The last horse-riding lesson for Term 3.

Decided to use Tama 5's photograph of the brush bucket. :)
Like every other afternoon following horse-riding, our academics are very limited.


Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 14C and 14D
Tama 3 - IXL
Tamāhine 2 - IXL

Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers - Alice in the Meadow.  Really pleased with her reading today. 

One thing I noticed about her reading of late, which I failed to record, is that she has finally begun reading with understanding the text.  It's been such a pleasure to have moved away from a monotone voice to one that fluctuates with feeling. 

Just in case you ever want to use this Primer, please note that on page 42 of the online version, two lines are missing at the bottom of the page.

Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 5 Lesson 41.

Tama 1 returned with a drum, harness, and his kilt.  He kindly played for us when he returned. Holy cow! He's only one drummer and it was deafening in the whare! 


Tama 4 - MUS Alpha - 14E, 14F.
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 25D
Tamāhine 2 - IXL


Tama 3 - reviewed genders, quantity, and discussed verbs. 


Read a few poems: Little Charlie Chipmunk by Helen Cowles Le Cron, The Little Turtle by Vachel Lindsay and also found Caterpillar by Christina Rosetti. The wording is different than that found in First Language Lessons. {gasp - what's that about?}

First Language Lessons
Lessons 22 and 23

Mary Poppins Comes Back - Chapter 1 - this time, she will stay "until the chain breaks."

Tried tama 4 alongside tama 3 this afternoon.  We'll see how that works out.

Last Tuesday night band practice for Term 3.  That means tama 2, tama 3 and tamāhine 1 relax for two weeks.  Well, not entirely for tamāhine 1.  She will, of course, be attending the camp this Saturday to Wednesday, so in reality, she actually has one Tuesday night off.  It wasn't until last Tuesday I learned that tama 1 continues Monday night practices regardless of school and/or public holidays.  Obviously, though, next Monday he will be at camp, so I'll have to remember he needs to be there the second week of school holidays.


Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 14X, 15A and 15B
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 25E.  Seriously can't wait to finish these long division exercises!!!
Tamāhine 2 - IXL
Tama 1 - MUS Algebra 2 - Lesson 9B

Tamāhine 2 - Little Boy Blue, Little Bo-Peep and lastly Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
Tama 4 - Map 5 Lesson 42


SOTW - Chapter 2

Osiris and Set by tama 3 (left) and tama 4 (right)

Tama 5

Read Aloud with tama 5 - Winnie the Pooh

Tama 1 tried on is pipe band uniform.  I don't know if I was correct in my attempt to tying the Ghillie Brogue laces.

Martial Arts in Ngongotaha tonight.

Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 15C and 15D
Tama 3 - MUS Delta 25F
Tamāhine 2 -  IXL
Tama 1 - MUS Algebra 2 - 9C


History - we completed Chapter 2.

Martial arts in Rotoma.  The younger kids and I dropped the big kids off.  Whaiāipo brought them home.

Tama 3 - MUS Test 25
Tama 4 - MUS Alpha 15E, 15F and 15X
Tamāhine 2 - IXL
Tama 1 - MUS Algebra 2 - 9D

Thank goodness we've finished with the long division for a while.  Tama 3 groaned something chronic, even though I tried to say, "look on the bright side, this is the last time!" Hei aha.  He did fine as it goes.  Yay!

Geography - I'm happy enough to finish Northwest America at the point we made it to today.  We will move on.

Astronomy - completed Lesson 1 Exploring Creation with Astronomy.

Tama 4 - Reading Eggs - Map 5 Lesson 43
Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers - The Pigs Dinner



Tamāhine 2 - Elson Readers - Piggy Wig's House. Needed to catch up on one of the day's reading lessons.

We headed off in plenty of time to Lake Tarawera for tama 1's first playout with the pipeband. This link will take you to an article about the opening. I've uploaded to YouTube the wobbly videos taken by his siblings.  I am grateful to them for filming, to allow their mum to stand alongside whaiāipo to savour the moment without watching through a lens.

Returning home, I finished baking the second cake for the kids to take to camp āpōpō.  They packed their gears and then we all relaxed, enjoying a yarn over kai.

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