Saturday, 17 September 2016

Only 14 weeks to Christmas ... bring on summer!

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Okay, I figured I should start off with some kind of visuals, so I chose to share some baking. I won't put too many pics though, just in case you get a sweet tooth and feel the desire to head off to the cupboards to bake something.

Monte Carlos by tamāhine 1

Chocolate Lamingtons - I don't think I have photos of the strawberry ones

Some kind of pinwheel.  All I remember is pesto and cheese.
We've made so many types, I'm not sure what we added in this one.
We perfected the shape the more we made.

Milo biscuits made by tamāhine 2 with assistance from tama 1

Edmonds Chocolate Basic Biscuits (foreground) Muesli biscuits in the background

Chocolate Melting Moments - tell y'what, the passionfruit version is super yummy too!

Mint Chocolate Teacakes
So ... that's just a smidgen of our baking.  We've made a lot of cakes, breads and desserts, not to mention lots of new recipes for our evening meals.  The majority of our creations don't get photographed - they simply get eaten within minutes of coming out of the oven. That, or I forget to take a photo.

Kura has been running smoothly enough.


Tama 1 - Geometry completed Lesson 7, therefore he has his test on Monday.

Tamāhine 1 - Algebra completed Lesson 12 and also has a test on Monday.

Tama 2 - Pre-Algebra completed Lesson 18D.  He did not push himself ahead too quickly with this lesson.  He was not satisfied with having anything wrong and spent time this week mastering it.

Tamāhine 2 - We repeat a lot of IXL and use the MUS manipulatives often.  She finds it difficult still, but the gentle pace is what she and I need to do.

Tama 3 - Gamma - completed 30D, so we're on target to finish this textbook next week.  I will order Delta at some stage during the week.

Tama 4 & tama 5 - they both use IXL like tamāhine 2.  Tama 4 is trying to learn skip counting by 10 and tama 5 continues with shapes and counting to a maximum of 10. (Sometimes we count higher, but not too often.)


Tamāhine 2 is edging closer to the end of her Reading Eggs.  I think we'll have a wee party when that happens.  If she keeps up her current pace, she will be finished in three weeks.

To help her along, I started making sticky notes like so:

They have helped immensely.  We haven't had to repeat any lessons for a while which is encouraging.

She is smiling more often now. :)

Perhaps you're thinking it's an obvious thing to have tried, but (without trying to compare, but I guess I am) I've never had to do this with any of the children before, so it's been hard for me. I guess I don't think outside the box as well as I'd like to imagine, huh?  

Hei aha.

Small steps, and they're steps in the right direction.

Tama 3 has enjoyed his read-alouds with me.  Because Roald Dahl's 100th birthday was nearing, we managed to read two books leading up to the celebration, namely: James and the Giant Peach and Fantastic Mr Fox. I've added a photo towards the end of this post with tama 3 drawing BFG (our next book).


The children only have six weeks left!!


Tama 4 has been working through his alphabet.  We follow Easy Peasy as best as we can. (That means we manage one or two things on a good day.)

This is tama 1 leading the little ones in a class for me.  They always enjoy it when tama 1 teaches them something.  Tama 5 didn't want to miss out, so he grabbed the Kindle and attempted to keep up too.

With the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games happening, the kids have enjoyed recognising the European countries they have learned during their geography lessons.  

We managed to do a few crafty things to augment a little more of that learning.

Oh!  I've just realised I haven't taken a photo of the medals tamāhine 1 made.  She followed instructions she found in the HistoriCool magazine.

Tama 5 made a little kiwi.
Don't you just love the extra masking tape he decided to add once he'd finished.
Hmmm .....

My two (too) cute little kiwis.

The three big kids are doing well with their Chemistry, Biology, Science in the Ancient World and General Science.

I'm just waiting for the NCHENZ subscription to Mystery Science to kick in and the younger ones will be underway with their science.

Foreign Language

The kids continue with Duolingo for their languages.  I haven't managed to figure out an alternative for most languages ... I especially miss their Spanish teacher. :(  

IGCSE just feels far too expensive and I need somebody to hold my hand to explain how to follow it.

In order for tama 1 to do Te Kura we'd have to pay big bucks until he turns 16. Ugh!  He's capable of sitting NCEA 1 right now, but financially we can't afford the moolah ... but wait till he's 16?  That just stinks.

Tama 1 continues with his Latin so at least I know how that's progressing.

The three big kids work on their own when I'm busy with the little ones, so I'm not able to keep up with them studying via this method.  I feel I want to be more involved but Duolingo it'll have to be for however much longer.

But hey, our new book for German arrived this week.  Yay, that means we can work together.  That makes me happy to be in the loop with two languages.

IEW Fix-It

Robin Hood is definitely more difficult, and the kids do miss a few things here and there, but honestly, I think they're rocking along pretty darn well.

Brave Writer

For a few years I have wanted to use Brave Writer by Julie Bogart.  Recently I purchased The Writer's Jungle to get my head around how to implement the curriculum with our family.  I'm slowly printing it all out ... almost wish I'd purchased a hard copy, lol.

If anything, I will use Brave Writer with ngā tamāhine.  It would be wonderful to touch base with other kiwis using it.  

Speaking of Julie, I'm reading as much as I can on blogs and watching Periscopes by herself et al.

I'm also enjoying Julie reading (on the Brave Writer Facebook group) a chapter each day from her book A Gracious Space.  (I'm too tired to stay awake to watch live at midnight, so I watch the recording when I get up later.)  

Well, I started off this post with food.  How about we close off with art?

Tama 3 read about steam trains in the 1800s and drew a picture showing the fire, boiler and smoke box.
To celebrate Roald Dahl Day, tama 3 followed Quentin Blake's instructions on how to draw the BFG.
The Roald Dahl web site has a party pack we downloaded.

Tama 3 adding his own flair

The little kids often do art with tamāhine 1 - here's an example of a day's effort.

Tama 3's thrilled to see more of his mahi on the walls.
It's awesome watching his art improving.

Just a few of tamāhine 1's mahi
A few more of tamāhine 1's.

Tama 3 and Tama 4 were going through a minion phase for a few days.
This is the end product of their collaboration.

Yesterday the boys worked on an Artventure project together.
I just found this cute one tamāhine 1 had in her journal.  Figured I'd throw it in. 

Okay, very last one!  A two-handed drawing she did.

Till next time.

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  1. Wow! What a great teacher you are, mum! The work looks great...and the baking, too! Yes, sweet tooth here. I should post some pics of my recent baking jobs as well...with fall coming in, it is very common to have a goodie from time to time around here. How about Tama 3 & 4 and the artwork, buen trabajo, niños! Love the milo cookies from tamähine 2 and the phonics work, que fantástico!