Sunday, 14 August 2016

Don't ask what happened to term 2

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

School?  Term 2?  Hmm ... 

 ... Well ... I guess you could say we unschooled?  

Let's just say it was  ... er... different.

What happened?

I became very unhappy with my ability to homeschool.  I was failing.  BIG time fail.

I needed to take a break from it all.

And I did just that.

The big kids carried on without me.  The little ones enjoyed the freedom to explore.  There was minimal seat work for them.

That's enough about that.  I don't feel like going into depth about it all.
Term 2 holidays were nearing and I finally felt okay about getting back into it.

Well, that's not entirely true.  I knew I should be getting back into it, but in all honesty, I wasn't keen to dive into anything in particular.

So, I decided to use Easy Peasy All-in-One-Homeschool with the little ones.  I'm comfortable following this for ... well ... however long I need to follow it.  Five or six weeks into it and I'm more than happy to stick with it.  The little ones enjoy the short lessons and I simply like the fact it's easy to follow.  An asterisk indicates I need to print something, so I can do that ahead of time, and the links to everything just makes my life easier.  I'm not having to look for anything - especially the crafts - it's all there.

The big kids continue to do well.  (Luckily we'd created individual timetables for the three of them prior to my break.  Phew!)

  • They have been using Duolingo for their languages during my break away.  We will start German this week.
  • Tama 1 has read through a good chunk of Chemistry and Biology.  His in-depth study will commence shortly.
  • Tamāhine 1 and tama 2 have also done well reading through Science in the Ancient World and General Science.  Like tama 1, they will go more in-depth shortly.
  • Tama 2 has been working on music using resources on the internet and reading his music theory books.
  • History lessons will commence in a couple of weeks.  I'm just not ready to get into it yet.


I resubscribed to ArtVenture through NCHENZ, which has pleased tama 3.  He enjoys this site - and, again, it's something I can just leave him to get on with.

Tamāhine 1 had a break from her art but is back into it.  Thank goodness!  I'd cleared a lot of the old art pieces from our walls, so they've been looking rather bare for too long. ;)  I'll add some pics to the blog at some stage.  I've only done one lesson of Meet the Masters with her since getting back into things.  That hasn't pleased me to fall behind like that.  But, hopefully we'll get back into our stride.

Tama 4 enjoys grabbing a piece of paper and a marker a few times a day to create his masterpieces. It's a bit sad that a lot of them end up in the recycling, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.


Tama 1 commences the last lesson of MUS Algebra 1.  Just as well I mentioned it.  It reminds me I had better order Geometry. (Done!)

Tamāhine 1 is doing "okay" but she's not mastered her current lesson, but she'll get there. I'm glad we don't push too hard to just finish and move on to the next lesson in order to complete the textbook within a school year.

Tama 2 is a diligent worker too.  He's progressing very well with pre-Algebra.

Tama 3 has a test tomorrow for lesson 25.  So, he's not far away from finishing Gamma.  I'll leave ordering Delta until he's on lesson 30 I think.

Everyone else uses IXL, or some of the worksheets through Easy Peasy.  Tamāhine 2 still struggles and I struggle with her struggling.


We continue with our 4-day lessons.  The kids just finished Hungary.  The big kids use Lizardpoint periodically to quiz themselves.  I'm hoping to do something else next month that I was looking at earlier this year.

Physical Education

Although I took a break from the academic side of education, we did maintain (if not increase) our physical education.  I'm definitely looking forward to longer days and warmer weather.  Some days it's been jolly hard to have the motivation to get out in that colder weather.  For the kids it's no problem.  For their mum ... ugh! very hard, but they keep me accountable.

TKD continues of course.  Tamāhine 1 will be going for her next black belt at the next grading, and has been putting in extra effort to prepare.

Home Economics

During my break from the academics, the one thing I really got stuck into was cooking and baking.   Okay, so what mother doesn't spend a lot of time in the kitchen?  It's just I spent even more hours in there on a daily basis.  We've enjoyed some great meals, desserts, morning and afternoon teas.  I'm mentioning it because the kids have continued to feel encouraged to make things too.  It's not just me who enjoys creating in the kitchen.
Well, that's about all I can think of at the moment.  It's been a long time since I wrote, but I wanted to post something now that we're back in the swing of it.  Perhaps next time I'll add some photos. ;)

Thanks for dropping by ka kite ano

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