Saturday, 2 April 2016

The last day of Daylight Saving

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

It's a pretty wet day here in Rotorua, so I'm tidying the school room.

My eldest son just came in and told me about Snoopavision.  He figured it was an April Fool's on YouTube.  I dunno, but it had me laughing.  I like the 3D effect.  Very cool.  I already shared this on the Romankids Homeschool Facebook page, so skip past this guys.

Okay, so I'm cleaning the school room.  I've held on to some drawings by tama 4, so I think I'll record them here ... so they can end up you know where ...

The trouble with discovering things well after they're done, sometimes the artist goes unknown. Tama 3 claimed this was done by tama 4, and vice versa.  We'll say it was a collaboration between the two, eh?

I'm also recording a couple of pages following a visit from koro.  I've held on to them in my folder for a couple of months now and figured it was time to get them on here.  Dad ended up giving tama 3 a little bit of an English lesson.  They were reading, telling stories and drawing. Tamāhine 1 came along and doodled with them.  Really, the only significance of these pages is that they have my dad's handwriting on them.  Six years ago my mum died, and every now and then I discover something that she wrote - whether that be a recipe, an inscription on the cover of a book to one of the kids, etc. I always marvelled at how my mum's cursive writing looked identical to her sisters and a number of my Māori aunties.  Yeah, that's a story in itself, but anyway, my point is you might skip past these scanned images because they're of no significance to yourself, but for me they are a taonga to treasure of my dad, the kids koro and my mum's ever-devoted husband.  In the past I discarded many cards, bits of paper or what-have-you that they wrote on, but this is one way for me to keep it safe.

I'll also add this by tama 1, which he used as part of his assignment this week:

He enlisted tama 4's assistance which we recorded.  A short exercise, but it went really, really well. Tama 4 enjoyed the limelight.

Just some simple momentos, but they're safe and sound here on my blog.

Hey!  It's the end of Daylight Saving tonight.  We turn back the clock an hour, but my eldest tamāhine turns 13.  Can you believe that?

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ka kite ano

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