Saturday, 20 February 2016

A rainy few days

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!


Rain meant we were indoors today.  More is expected over the next 48 hours, thanks to Cyclone Winston.

Regardless of the rain, our school day commenced with mathematics, as always.

For the first time in a very long time, tama 3 used his MUS blocks.  Okay, when I say used, I mean it in the sense of mathematical learning.  He plays with them often enough, (creating structures for lego usually), but today his lesson actually asked him to use the blocks to build the three times table.

Our rhythm seems to be that Geography follows the lunch break.

Tama 3 asked to do his Geography in the lounge.  These photos show the younger boys working on their freehand drawings of countries they have learned to date.

Tamāhine 1 worked on some art ...


I used the following videos with tamāhine 1 and tama 2's Science in the Beginning lessons. They will finish with Day 4 Sun, Moon and Stars:


Tama 1 has kept an eye on the ISS schedule for a good few years now.  As such, you will often find our family heading outside when the ISS passes over our neck of the woods. Because the younger kids are familiar with the ISS, they were able to relate to the next video also:


We finally began German. Their confidence was high today because I wrote 40 or so words on the board which they could easily figure out the English translation for. I then wrote up a dozen sentences. They successfully translated them all. :) The last things I covered was the article "the" and that nouns are capitalised.  End of lesson 1.

Perhaps you're very observant and notice I haven't added the trim around the chalkboard. Well, you'd be right!  It's annoying me immensely.  Maybe this weekend I'll get to the hardware store, lol.

The rain continues, so Tamāhine 1 carried on with her art today.  This one is not quite finished, but I asked her to hold it up for a quick pic nonetheless:


Tama 2 began making his own wall calendar yesterday, and by the end of the night tama 3 decided he would also create one.  Today he has been drawing pictures following Artventure.  He has drawn four, so only eight more to go. ;)

Fix-It Grammar is moving along.  We completed Week 9 today. Any advanced grammar I mention to the kids, as guided by the Teacher's Resource, but no one is penalised if they did not spot them. Correctly determining the required elements is all we will be concerned with and build upon that as we progress over the next few weeks.

We finally began our History lessons.  SOTW Chapter 1.  We watched the following video as I read Chapter 1 aloud.

Then we watched this next video:

For our activity we are making a Cookie Dough Roman Pillar.  At the moment the mixture is in the fridge.  Hopefully I'll remember to add photos next time.

We have a couple more videos to watch for next week to finish off, together with the test.

That's pretty much what I wanted to record from this week's kura.  

The weather has played havoc with our internet connection.  I was trying to publish this on Friday afternoon but gave up in the end.  The connection kept dropping throughout the day.  By evening I felt I'd wasted enough time sitting at a computer, so I'm posting this Saturday morning. At least we've awoken to blue skies and sunshine.  Yay!

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ka kite ano

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