Thursday, 28 January 2016

Happy New Year

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Belated New Year greetings to you all. :)

I have tried making time to sit here and compose a post over the last month, but the summer holidays have been spent with family, friends, helping with the plumbing business, and of course painting the interior.

I will at least share a photo of our library area to show something I accomplished:

We liked this colour so much, I surprised whaiāipo one day and repainted our lounge/dining area.  He got quite a thrill when he came home.

I have prepped all the trims and cabinetry, so by the time we finish upstairs completely, I am ready to paint the final coats.

As I sit here in the classroom and look through to the kitchen I realise I should clear my clutter from the hobs bench:

Look at all my buckets of paint brushes, drills, stanley knife (utility knife)!!  Right, I'm going to stop right here for five minutes to take everything to the shed.

Okay, I'm back.

Oh, I know something I can share with you.  Here's my chalkboards I have painted:

Needs a trim around the edges for sure!

This board is hidden throughout the day because the door is generally open.
As you can see I have yet to put a trim around both of them.  I'll be buying that on the weekend. Then I can tick that off my To Do List.

Whaiāipo chose the green colour for the chalkboard in the classroom.  I was keen on both boards being black, but, I let him win this one.  Seeing as our classroom is a light greenish colour, I guess I can cope with a green chalkboard, lol.  (I also painted down very low so the little ones can enjoy drawing on the boards as well.)

Saying goodbye to a whiteboard was easy.  The cost of whiteboard markers adds up, and disposing of them isn't particularly environmentally-friendly is it?  We seemed to go through markers quicker than saying 'whiteboard marker,' so yeah ... I'm stoked to have chalkboards.

That'll do about the house I reckon.  There's still plenty to be done yet, but it's nice to share a little something with you.  My job at the moment is plastering the remaining two bathrooms, so there'll be no photos for about a month.  Did I mention whaiāipo is installing a new shower in our main bathroom?  Seriously, there was nothing wrong with the old one, but hey! some girls get diamonds, I get a shower. LOL.  He's tiled 90% of the bathrooms, so we're making progress ... it's just hard when he gets called out all the time.  Last weekend he couldn't do anything on the house at all because of calls.  Hei aha!  We'll get there.

The kids have all been making the most of the summer weather, swimming in the lake as often as possible and generally just enjoying their break.

Our new trampoline arrived today, so the kids and I spent who-knows-how-long erecting it.  It certainly felt like it took forever.  It must have been at least two I guess.  Luckily it's not a scorching hot day, so none of us had to battle the heat too much.  Phew.

As soon as I finished erecting the trampoline, I quickly got started on kai.  The kids return to TKD tonight, so it's time to get myself back into the routine of early meals on TKD nights.  The next three youngest kids decided they wanted to go along tonight.  So, I'm sitting in a quiet house.  Tama 5 is fast asleep.

Having finished painting upstairs for the moment, I figured it was time to sit down and get organised with some kind of plan for our 2016 school year.  How are your plans going?  I'm a long way off from being satisfied with what we will do, but we have at least started back with maths (MUS still going strong here so nothing to report differently), science (the three big kids), Spanish for tamāhine 1, Latin for tama 1 and art for the arty ones.  Although tama 2 broke his collar bone about three weeks ago, he's certainly able to get back into school work.

We will all begin French (at our different levels) probably in a fortnight - basically when Aotearoa schools officially go back.  By that same stage I should be ready to start Latin with the others as well. Having so many levels I found it hard to keep up last year, and, not wanting to repeat that mistake again, I am going for the "less-is-more" approach now.

History I will tie in with IEW:
(Not an affiliated link)
The above should be arriving in the next few days.  We will be reading a lot of literature from this period also.  There's heaps of things I'd like to incorporate in History, but I am still nutting it out, but I will try to record that more this year.

We will begin very short lessons in Nihongo (Japanese).  Again, I am going for the less-is-more when it comes to introducing another foreign language.  We dabbled with Irasshai a few times in the past, but this year we will be using textbooks.  I'll be looking at the Hiragana textbook as soon as I finish this post.

Right, well, although I could sit here and sound vague about what we're going to do, I will actually sign off and accomplish planning Nihongo at least and pick up with you when we are all back in the swing of things properly.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano