Friday, 11 December 2015

Winding down the 2015 school year

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Last week I finished reading:

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This would have to be one of the best books I have read in a very long time. Tamāhine 1 read it ahead of me.  We no sooner received it in the mail, when she grabbed it, so I had to wait my turn, lol.

We enjoyed it so much, we will now watch watched the movie I found online:

Also, did you happen to catch the documentary on Shine TV last night?

I also found a Torchlighters movie trailer:

You can buy or rent at Amazon.  Just thought I'd mention it should anyone be interested. Oh, and no, it's not an affiliated link.

Kura has slowed down for most of the kids. Everyone will at least continue with mathematics till this time next week.

We finished up with the last of our science for 2015 and will pick it up again in the New Year.

Tama 2 has been helping me do some mahi around the property while tama 1 and tamāhine 1 continue with their remaining subjects.

Tama 1 takes a break following the completion of lesson 30 Saxon in our online co-op.

We learned Honduras is his assigned Spanish-speaking country.  That's not due until the end of next week - the same day we have the flooring guys here!

We will finish up French, Spanish, Latin and art next week.

I'm looking forward to spending summer reading and planning next year's lessons.

I now have my sixth exemption accepted without question by MoE.  Big shy of relief.

A very big sigh of relief!!  We can begin next year securely in the knowledge tama 4 can continue to enjoy his education at home.

I must include a picture from tamāhine 1's art journal.  This is just one of her latest pieces and seeing as I've scanned it, I'll share it with you:

As for myself, what have I been up to?  Well, I've been painting the house every day; accomplishing more on some days than others.

I've done a lot, but there's still a lot to go.  However, it is all enjoyable and I take pleasure in knowing we are getting closer and closer.

I've been leaving the trickiest part until last.  Over the stairs, trying to get into the very highest pitch is ugh! hard! hard! hard!  Once I've given the wardrobe shelves their second coat, I need to brave it and just get up there.  UGH!!!  (Can you hear the pain?)

Oh well, once I arrange the other beams to stand on that's half the battle won.  Why leave it till last and not get the hardest part out of the way first?  I mean, I do normally tackle the hardest things first, but for some reason, I dunno.... it just felt so daunting.  But, now that I see so much of the upstairs actually painted (oh, and by the way, don't forget! we're only talking sealer coat here ... the colour coats are yet to follow!!) I feel encouraged to tackle it now.

Yesterday I paused with painting and had a cleaning session, after which I made muffins for lunch and decided we'd go to the library.  When we got home I painted a sealer coat on the shelving for the boys' wardrobe. I painted them outside which was lovely to be in the fresh air and watch the kids playing.

The last of the birthdays have been celebrated for 2015.  Tama 2 turned 11, tama 3 turned 8 and tama 5 turned 3.  Their birthdays are within days of each other so everyone ends up eating too much cake, ice cream and lollies.  Oh boy!!!  Gotta love birthdays huh?!

Hmmm not the best pic.  I tried to grab a quick screenshot playing one of the videos.  Hei aha.

Christmas is fast approaching.  For our family, our gift is to move back into our completed bedrooms. (My close friends and family will understand the deep significance of such a statement.  We are counting down to the day now!!!)

By rights, this will be the last time we have the large tree in the classroom.  (Gee, I could have tidied before taking this webcam shot this morning! LOL.)

Right, well, the clouds have burned off and the sun is in a good pozzy for me to do that second sealer coat on the shelves.  So, time to crack on.

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