Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Looking forward to the end of Term IV

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

You will recall from my last post, tamāhine 1's Spanish-speaking country research assignment was on México. Well, we wrapped it up yesterday with our own extra study. On the weekend we watched The Perfect Game.  It is based on a true story about a baseball team that made it to the Little League championships.  Our family enjoyed it very much.

This next link will take you to an article that gives detailed accounts of events. Interestingly, Monterrey won the Little League Championship in 1957, 1958 and 1997.  Ka mau te wehi!!!

We did a little research on the city of Monterrey. Here's just a few of the details we learned:
  • It was founded in 1579. 
  • The city's wealthier suburbs have houses built of stucco in a style derived from Spanish colonial and called Monterrey
  • It's the capital and largest city of the northeastern state of Nuevo Léon.  
  • We knew from the movie it is an industrial city.  Looking a little deeper, it is apparently one of the most important production and trade centres in México!!
  • The population in the '50s was around 375,000 compared to today of over a million.  No wonder it's a powerhouse business city.
One of the other things we took a look at was the cuisine of Monterrey. We thought we'd try and make something, so searched kai from the area.

One dish we discovered is called cabrito which is based on a Jewish cuisine from the founders of the city. (We can't really access kid goat, so we looked for something else.)

Two further dishes we learned are from Monterrey are machaca con huevo and carne asada. They both look easy enough to make, with the exception of having to come up with alternatives to any ingredient unavailable in Aotearoa. Apparently carne asada is still a weekend traditional kai in Monterrey, so we reckon we'll try making that next weekend.

As part of our SOTW studies, we read about Emperor Constantine. Perhaps you know the story of when Constantine was in a battle, he and his soldiers look into the sky and see a golden light that appeared to be in the shape of a cross?  Yes?  Okay, so then you may also know that the Chi-Rho is not only a Christian symbol but a military standard also.

One of the activities the children did in relation to this part of history, was making a cheesecake in the shape of a shield and make the Chi-Rho using strawberries.  Well, they did make a cheesecake but not surprisingly the kids didn't like it, lol.  So, I suggested we make a pavlova.  Yummos.  So, anyway, I chose to use the photo of the pavlova rather than the cheesecake. :)

I shared the following video with the class also.  It's excellent ...

The boys' room

The girls' room
Although we continue with mahi kura, we have been painting as well.  We have two bedrooms finished so far.

Decisions for flooring are just about made, and we are all praying we can be back upstairs before Christmas.

As always, there is plenty to talk about, but I'll just have to catch up another day.  I haven't recorded anything about French, Spanish, Latin in such a long time. I haven't put any other science experiments either.  I'm a bit tired after mowing the lawns this afternoon.  I sat down to take a breather and decided to write a post, but now I've run out of oomph. 

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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