Thursday, 12 November 2015

I am grateful to be at home with my kids

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Too often I ask myself, "Am I doing right by the kids doing this homeschooling gig" or I make comments like, "we're just not doing enough," and other negative thoughts.  Then I look at some photos and scans of work and it gives me that boost to tell myself, "Yes, Maree!  You are doing the right thing, and the kids are doing fine.  They are learning! ...."

So here are some photos of what tama 2 and tama 3 made for SOTW.  (I thought I better photograph them before they are destroyed by little hands - or make their way to the recycling sooner rather than later.)  They are from Chapter 39 if I remember correctly.

Tama 3

Tama 2
Another activity that the little kids did with tamāhine 1 was making a lyre.

Lyre by little ones and tamāhine 1
Oh!  I just remembered something else ....

Going back to Chapter 38, when we discussed the Destruction of Jerusalem, I found this great video:

Here's tama 1's creation:  I guess the red depicts the plumes atop the Roman soldiers galea (helmet) as they march towards the Temple.

Hmmm ... did I ever add this video we used when we read about Caesar Crossing the Rubicon back in Chapter 35?  Oh well, nothing like working backwards ....

This week tamāhine 1 has been working on her La Asignacion de Investigar for her High School Spanish class.  This time around she has the country México.  I won't be adding it here, but I will at least include her drawing of the flag:

I couldn't draw an eagle as well as that!
(just sayin')
The story behind the coat of arms is very interesting.  Its origins stem from an Aztec legend.  In short, a leader of a nomadic tribe was told to settle in an area where they would come across an eagle that would be perched on a cactus eating a snake.  They did so, even though it was a swampy area.  It became known as Tenochtitlan - which of course is México City today!

We have enjoyed the research assignments over the years, learning a great deal more than we ever knew about Spanish speaking countries.

Tama 1 and tamāhine 1 did really well with their speeches last week.  Here is a photo of tamāhine 1:

For our makeshift lectern we used an old school desk with the lid open, covered with a sheet and my mum's typing stand (does anybody remember those things? or am I showing my age? LOL).  Pretty fancy lectern if you ask me!

Maths continues well.  Tama 2 will definitely finish Zeta this month.  He will complete the test for Lesson 29 today and I do not expect any difficulties there.  (Done!)  He certainly has shown mastery.

Tama 3 is working on "area" this week.  After a few lessons he became more comfortable with it.  As always, we try to use real life examples to explain it.  The floor tiles have certainly come in handy for that.  He doesn't need me to draw the boxes inside the square or rectangle anymore, so that's good.

Tama 1 is doing well with Algebra 1.  I had no hesitation in moving him from MUS to Saxon.  That is not to say he wasn't doing fine already in MUS.  But establishing the co-op has meant he now has a study buddy and a live tutor to work with, so we were happy to move across.

Tamāhine 1 is slowly working through Pre-Algebra.  She will continue with this for a good part of 2016 by the looks of things.  Nobody has to rush with their maths; progress will be at their pace.  I would try her with co-op but can't afford another Saxon just right now, so we will continue with MUS.

Tamāhine 2 continues on her snail pace with IXL.  Speaking of her, I had better wrap up this post soon so that I can work with her.

Spring has finally made a decent appearance.  We are all working hard, but it's nice to stay outdoors until the sun goes down.  This photo was taken by tama 4.  Not a bad job!

Photo by tama 4
Here's a couple of photos of our strawberries.  This year we're growing them in PVC pipes:

It's lovely to see them through my kitchen window to help brighten my day.  Especially today.  I needed some brightness.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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