Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Labour Weekend been and gone

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Out of my window I can see, this morning ....

Over the last few weeks we have gone from one rabbit to three coming to the south-east side of the house - yeah, around the fruit trees area.  This is the first year we've had them so close to the house. Grrrr....  As for the back of the house, we can see upwards of 10+ adult rabbits and quite a number of baby rabbits this morning!  Want any?

Oftentimes tama 4 will draw before he even eats breakfast.  As I started this post, he did just that. Here is one of the pictures he drew:

He drew a few more pieces, but this first one really grabbed my attention, so I figured I'd pop it on the blog.

Our morning routine is underway.  The big kids are done with maths and now I'm rotating with the younger ones which takes us through to lunch.  The older kids work on art and a little bit of history and science if they're not helping to look after a young one while I work with another.

We will continue our Odyssey reading later this afternoon.  I decided to add this helpful resource to my blog so I can find it when we get into more discussion.

To read the Odyssey, it's good to know how to pronounce names and places.  Some of the versions of the Odyssey have pronunciation guides also, so there's plenty of help available.

In our reading of Johnny Tremain last night, we came across the word repoussé.  We looked at a variety of (image) examples and then I decided to look on YouTube.  I liked this one.

I can almost see tamāhine 1 wanting a workshop like this.  As I watched a different video, I realised one of the pieces of art tamāhine 1 made a couple of months ago with aluminium foil (aluminum for my American friends) is repoussé.  Now I just need to commit the term to memory. ;)

School this year has been such a step up with all the older kids.  They have taken ownership of their mahi.  I told them we would be "doing all things Google" and by crickey, it's working like a dream. We love messaging each other, using hangouts and most of all synchronising documents and files. Tama 1's time management has perfected itself which is what I wanted so that High School won't feel quite so daunting for him.  Tamāhine 1 doesn't have as heavy a workload, but she's coping with everything she needs to, with minimal nudging from mum.  Although he has a much lighter load, tama 2 is enjoying all aspects of independence with the tools available to him.  Term 4 he will have a few more things added, which I don't foresee any difficulties for him.

Right, I must away.  Tama 1's waiting for me.  But hey!  I'll leave you with another one of tama 4's art pieces he just finished:

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ka kite ano


  1. Love the pictures Tama 3's has drawn. The rabbits are awesome. Thankfully we are just host to wildlife birds (Tui's, ducks, Wood pigeons, Eastern Rosellas). It's so encouraging to hear of more people using online tools.

    1. Thanks Tanya! Yes, we're also super lucky to have loads of tui, piwakawaka, kereru, kahurangi and other native birds. Another thing we've had a major influx of this year are California Quail (tried photographing them but they're pretty tricky to get up close without dashing off - easily over 60 of them. Oh! And a pheasant a couple of weeks ago! Love the bird life.

      Thanks for popping over!