Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It's not all seat work ;)

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Here is the art piece tamāhine 1 made when our young neighbour was here playing the other day.  As usual, the photo doesn't do it justice.  The yellow looks like a mustard colour rather than a lovely bright yellow, plus the effect she made along the left-hand side I can't seem to capture on film.  Hei aha, it looks good hanging on the wall.

On Sunday, tama 4 lost his first tooth.  Tama 3 decided to make him a piggy bank for the money he'd get from the tooth fairy.  (Money from the tooth fairy is the closest our kids get to pocket money.) Anyway, I took a couple of photos as he worked on it.

He figured he'd draw the piggy's mouth with a missing tooth.  I just noticed you can't see the nose because he's covered it before he tries to papier mâché his wee creation.

He showed his little brother where he puts his money in (yes, he cut the hole himself), which sounded pretty exciting to tama 4.

Here is one of the experiments we carried out last week but forgot to upload.  A fun experiment to learn how water will evaporate but the solid doesn't - even though we saw it "dissolve" as we stirred it in.  The kids found this quite fascinating.

Here is another experiment - a simple barometer (tamāhine 1 decided she'd add food colouring just for the fun of it.)  Yeah!  It looks like an actual drink huh?!  Luckily the younger ones have known to leave it.  Either it's the large lump of clay at the top that puts them off, or they're getting used to seeing experiments popping up around the place. ;)

Tamāhine 2 asked her big sister to make some fairy wings.  So, just after lunch tamāhine 1 obliged. Tamāhine 2 enjoyed wearing them for the rest of the afternoon.  Thank goodness for recycling huh?!

As often as possible, we school outside and because we enjoy schooling outside, there has been something I have wanted to test - the use of Google Hangouts on Air - outside.  Considering we had already confirmed it would perform well where we live ie  rural, we were already holding HoAs with success. However, my next question was:

Would the connection hold strong while outside the house?

The quick answer is, "Yes!"

Granted, all the HoAs I've created have been private to date, but the members involved are loving it - aren't we guys? As yet, I've not struck any issues outside.  I'm definitely pleased we went ahead with 4G otherwise this venture would be waiting to get off the ground still.

Speaking of being outdoors, we've had a mean-as southerly the last few days (southerly = cold my northern hemisphere friends!)  It's lovely and warm out of the breeze, but by heck is it cold when you ain't!  Tino makariri.  Although chilly, we have managed to be outside still because it's just so nice to do school out-of-doors.

Today we read through another Book of The Odyssey while enjoying the outdoors.  We started talking about the hero's journey or monomyth, which apparently has something like 12 stages.  To better illustrate these stages, we watched a couple of videos to better understand a hero's journey.

This video only mentions 7 (or was it 8) stages.

Here's another goodun which definitely mentions Joseph Campbell's 12 stages:

From now on, when we think of The Hobbit, Star Wars, Harry Potter - the Lion King even, we will remember there is a commonality running through each storytelling.

Shortly after finishing his maths, tama 2 managed to get the trainer wheels to fit properly on the little bike for tama 5.  The trainer wheels are for a larger size bike, so they were a tad stubborn to adjust to this little bike.

Everybody is moving up in bikes.  Tama 5 has totally taken ownership of this bike.

I had my own bit of exercise not long after taking the photo of tama 5 above.  I climbed the crabapple tree to retrive (well, try to retrieve) the soccer ball and rugby ball (sounds better than saying 'retrieving two balls', LOL).  I managed to reach the rugby ball but I just couldn't get to the soccer ball.  We had to wait for whaiāipo to get home.  I expected him to take the 6m ladder off his work van, but oh no!  He had another idea.  Tama 1 and I both decided this photo will also have to appear on the Pegleg FB page - PVC uses!  HA HA HA.

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ka kite ano

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