Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

A few things from the last month::

The Robbery by tamāhine 1
Tamāhine 1 created a wayang.  
The link to the recording is private so you will not be able to view it unless family and close friends.

It's a Javanese word used for puppet theatre.  
Some research indicates that it may have been imported from China or India, but either way, it's been an Indonesian tradition for centuries.

Tamāhine 1's puppet theatre video is just over two minutes long.  The whole project she did herself - with only her big brother required to press the button on the camera and me to hold the third puppet in position at one stage.  What a great project she made.

Speaking of projects, tama 1 made an accordion folder on The Hobbit.

 Bad photos are good -  nobody's likely to want to nab a copy ;)

Some of the kids working on Roman coins with air dry clay.

Tama 3 with another lego creation. Looks like a Chinook to me.

A couple of the boys making a reading corner for themselves.

 Plenty of art ...

Enjoying French ... we found this song ...

A friend was talking to me about the movie Frozen.
It reminded me how often we thrashed this Spanish version of the theme song:

Speaking of español, I found this video to help tamāhine 1 as she reviews the -ar verbs:
As for me, I've been spending few weeks enjoying:
What a line-up of speakers!
Absolutely ♥ing it
Loads of reading lately.  
The Kindles are getting a thrashing.  
I need more!
The kids have taken over mine. 
I'm happily reading from my desktop.

Kura is going great.  Romankids have enjoyed a new avenue of learning this past month so I'm super thrilled about that.  What a great time to be homeschooling!!
On my To Do List for next month ::  Sell some books!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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