Saturday, 8 August 2015

"Speed. I am Speed." - More like - "Speed. I need Speed."

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

About three or four weeks ago (?) we received one of those, 'To the Householder' -type envelopes,  It turns out a phone company will be providing 4G in our rural area.  After giving it some thought I decided to move across to this other provider, and we're penciled in for 19 August.  I'm not really sure if it's 100% the best idea because I don't think we will have unlimited - will have to remember to ask about that - but on the other hand, our connection is only one baby-step ahead of dial-up - or maybe it's a sideways step?! LOL.  Baby-step or sideways step - either way is koretake. Considering I only have to drive 20kms to koro's and hello!! The upload speed is so much faster it's enough to make you scream.  I am also not convinced it will be a huge improvement because our mobile reception is just as slack.

When you're running a business from home here in Tikitere, and things are cloud-based to supposedly save space, time and effort, you have to ask yourself what's the point?  Hard-wiring makes no difference with such an antiquated analogue system.  No!  Seriously!  I mean it.  Tried enough times to say we've proved that theory is a septic tank of effluent.  When we do any mahi in the evenings, we have to resort to switching all other computers off to leave only one and even then the language that gets thrown about because the line drops or just runs too slow, yeah its pretty colourful huh, whaiāipo?

Pure example:  I bet most people downloaded Windows 10 within a matter of hours last week?! Well, guess what? After 12 hours plus, I'd had a guts-full.  I loaded the kids in the waka and headed to koro's.

All the laptops downloaded Windows 10 less than an hour after connecting at mum and dad's.  Just before we did the downloads, we tried the speed test.  The upload speed was heaps faster than ours in Tikitere, Ugh!  And it's not even fibre optics let alone VDSL, just broadband.!! Double ugh!!

Short of winning Lotto, we have very little chance of getting fibre optics.  Telecommunication people tell us that we need the population increased in the area in order to get fibre optics.  (um, hello?!  It's rural!!! Duh!!)

That means our only choices are: stay on the antiquated analogue system, or go with 4G.

I've grown accustomed to hearing technicians say, "oh, right, you're on that exchange ..."  Yeah!  That's a confidence booster huh?!

I don't particularly want to leave our current service provider, but we need better speed.

So there yah go, I gripped on my blog.  But, as the English comedian Catherine Tate's character, Lauren, would say "Am I bothered?"

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ka kite ano

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