Wednesday, 26 August 2015

End of August - already?

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

You can certainly say we deviated from school for about three or four weeks.  We've had a number of activities throwing our schooling slightly skew-whiff as well as illness.  We have kept up with maths and reading on a daily basis, but everything else has been done rather hit-and-miss as one or another came down with flu, followed by a nasty stomach bug.  We're still suffering through that part with four of us having had the nasty thing and now, as I write, tama 2 is having his turn.  He's now good as gold, and he was happy he didn't miss a TKD training.

Now that I'm feeling better myself, I'm ready to start our third term.

Ambleside wasn't working with tama 2 and tama 3 before we had our break.  I planned to work on three levels to ease our way into it and that's what we did.  I knew that with the activities in August we would get thrown off a bit too, so at the end of the day I don't feel we are actually behind.

Other schooling areas.  Having completed General Science, tama 1 has commenced:

I bought it through CES.  Book Depository didn't have it.  The same was true of most other places I looked up - even Apologia itself.  I could have put my feelers out and asked on the homeschooling groups ... but ... I didn't.  Tama 1 was stoked to see it and couldn't wait to start.  Gosh, I wish all the kids were science-mad.

To try and encourage tamāhine 1 and tama 2 with science, we have commenced:

This will be used in conjunction with Ambleside science.  I like the short lessons and multi-grade level questions.  We're only a few lessons into it - about lesson 9 or 10? - but so far they are taking a shine to it.  Whew!!

There's loads of fun and simple experiments which helps ease the "how do I get them to like science?" question.

Yeah, after hearing Dr. Jay Wile speak, I was always keen on his curriculum.  I like his writing style. Very down-to-earth and understandable at this level.

Tamāhine 1 has surprised me.  She really hasn't been interested in studying science.  Hopefully this is our turning point.  Even tama 2 has been piping up with discussion.  That's super encouraging.

It was so cool doing this super quick experiment.
Yesterday, tama 1 took the little ones into the kitchen and did a wee science experiment as well.  I know lots of people will have already done Camp Google, but we've just been doing it a little bit each week.

I'm still awaiting our Spanish III textbook.  Tama 1 is finishing up his literature very shortly so we could really do with that next textbook.  I got it via Alibris because the price was just right.  Sure hope that rocks up soon though so we can move into it.  Tamāhine 1 can at least use her big brother's material.  By some wicked chance she didn't get the puku ache, so we can get back into it this week.

Latin we started up again a few weeks ago.  Nice and gentle and so far, no problems with revision.

We also started reviewing French.  We've gone through the lessons in Unit 1 and they were fine.  I have spread the revision over two weeks.  Two units per week.  Then, it's crank it up time.

Tama 2 has really blossomed with his reading.  As for tamāhine 1, I'm trying Reading Eggs to see if that helps us now.  I signed up for term 3 and 4 via NCHENZ.    She's not phased her younger brother can read better - which is a good thing.  I think I would have such a battle on my hands if she said anything about feeling behind him.  

History - we are about to commence SOTW volume 2.  We have a plan brewing on how we will approach our study.  With six of the kids now, I need to gear it so that tama 4 especially doesn't get hōhā - which happens super easy. Well, no actually I should say it's the three younger kids who can get hōhā.  But I'll talk about that another time.  I still have a few things to put together.  Tying it in with Ambleside will be the key.

It's taken until mid-week to have everyone feeling 100% which is okay.  As much as I had hoped to start the week off with Ambleside thrown into the mix, we simply didn't - and such is the beauty of homeschooling.  Today was a beautiful, sunny day.  Really warm and encouraging of spring around the corner.  Being outside was such a pleasure after a few days rain.  We worked hard in the morning and then enjoyed a lunch with koro and Uncle Mark.  The afternoon was relaxed before the big kids headed out to TKD training.

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ka kite ano

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