Thursday, 2 July 2015

Romankids Homeschool Academy Art Central

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

I admit from the outset, our children do not get their artistic ability from their mother! but I do value they all have an arty flair about them, so I have always tried to search out good resources.

Our staple diet for art:
  • Library books
  • Pinterest
  • web resources (some free, some not)
  • online classes and
  • Meet the Masters 

It is certainly the norm for one or more to be drawing, painting, crafting (or in the case of little fingers; scribbling on furniture and graffiti the walls) throughout the week.  And it's certainly not unusual to discover material once placed in a recycling bin somehow finding its way back to the classroom again! - but I'm sure you can all relate to that! :)

Today, I wanted to record where we are at with Meet the Masters because we have completed eight nine lessons to date, and feel it is a good time to stop here and give a brief account of how we think things are going.

You will recall from a previous post I mentioned we decided on the three-year subscription via HomeschoolBuyers Co-op.  We are using the 10-adult age group with tamāhine 1 as my main student (she being the reason I purchased it in the first instance).  To date, I have found this to be an excellent resource because it is bringing her to the next level in her art studies.  Is it more art theory?  Well, yes it is more art theory, but with a neat project to explore different mediums in respect to each artist, so the child is still developing art skills.

{This is not a review:: This is just me recording progress and to remind myself how it works well for us.}

We do MTM on a Wednesday or Thursday and it usually pans out over two or three days.

Day 1 - 

I play the audio while printing out the lesson (between 12 and 18 pages).  Then we press Start Lesson.  Our computer is hooked up to the HDMI and we watch on the large screen (just something nicer about viewing from the telly rather than the laptop, I dunno why, lol.)

Everything is clearly set out on the lesson plan.  I simply read the relevant passage in relation to each slide.

At the end of the lesson there is a quiz.  Today's lesson on Georgia O'Keefe was slightly different.  The children had to call out the matching word or phrase to what I called out.  That was fun!

We usually end Day 1 here.

Day 2 - 

The children gather materials required for their art assignment.  As mentioned above, this can pan out over two or three days as we allow life to interrupt, as well as allow the children to collect their thoughts.

On completion they place their art in their portfolio (which was one of the very 
first things completed with the preview lesson if I remember correctly.)

We choose to spread the lesson over a few days rather than place an expectation to have it all completed in one day.  If we take a week, we take a week.

Picasso week

For our family this is a perfect fit.  The name says it all -- Meet the Masters.  I find it completely satisfactory for taking art to the next level for our keen artists.

Hopefully I'll check back in and leave another record at the end of this year to see how we are finding the program.  Three years is a long time, but I do hope it will inspire the kids with their own art, and deepen their appreciation of fine art.  This is one area I had no depth of understanding, so my own growth is a pleasure to explore too.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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