Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Distractions whilst working on exemption #6

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Yesterday was a total write-off when it came to the exemption.  I did at least accomplish other mahi.  Anyway, I spent probably half the day today working on it.  I will probably get the same amount of time to work on it āpōpo so long as I don't get distracted like I did today.

Here's something I came across that the kids and I watched straight after kai tonight.  Whaiāipo didn't get home till 8 o'clock, so he missed out.

Don't ask me how I ended up on this video!  'Side-tracked Maree' - that's me!  And you'd be correct in wondering whether I tried finding more.  I sure did!!  Did I succeed? Like, nah!  Totally disappointed.

Oh hey!  Here yah go, I meant to put this photo on the last post when I was talking about TKD.  I had to sew black bands on tama 1 and tamāhine 1's jackets before grading.  They were always meant to have them, but ... yeah, well .... they're finally on there.  Check my serious face! Gotta laugh. :)

While I'm taking a break from exemption drafting, tama 1 is working on his bureau for tomorrow.  (This is his 111th bureau post!!)  He's changed his banner to coincide with what he's talking about Pluto Flyby.  I had him swap out his name with tama 1 so I could add it on here:

Here's one of the questions he's put on his Bureau:

What element is being used as the fuel for the New Horizons probe?

If you know the answer, put it in the comments, FB or Twitter me.

Last week he did his bureau about the US flag.  He's posting the answers to those questions as well, and I thought I'd briefly write something here as a reminder.

Tama 1 told us that in 1958, Robert G. Heft designed what is now the current 50-star flag of the USA as a school project and his teacher gave him a B-.  However, once the flag became a finalist in the national competition, (there were something like 1500 total designs) his teacher said the grade would be reconsidered if Congress chose the flag.  The upshot is, 17-year old Robert G. Heft won the competition, it is now the national flag, and his grade was changed to an A.

Interestingly enough, there were two other flags identical to Heft's, but because his received the most publicity (from what tama 1's research indicates) his flag won.

One last thing -

We've been adding a price to whaiāipo's lunch box recently because I've been having him on when he spends money on kai during the day. Tamāhine 1 prepped this for his kai tomorrow.

Oh, and just before I go tama 1 was talking aloud and he said that sunlight on earth is eight minutes old but the sunlight on Pluto is 5 1/2 hours old.  So, there yah go.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Three TKD Black Belts in the House

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

First things, first - have you noticed the favicon in the tab?  Tama 1 fixed it up.  That was his assignment from me the other day.  He tried a couple of different things, with this one looking the best.  He was well pleased to see he could do it.

- - o o O o o - -

{See what I use as a break?  It reminds me of my school days learning how to type with a fair dinkum manual typewriter.  You had to figure out where the centre was and use the backspace to centre accurately.  Plus, the limitation of what to use - no such things as clipart, emoticons or suchlike.  Nothin' automatic in them days.  
Go on!  Who remembers those days huh?!}

- - o o O o o - -

Tama 1 and tama 2 trained extra hard these past few weeks in preparation for grading yesterday. 

We have plenty of video, but unfortunately I can't put them on the blog because other individuals are seen throughout, so you'll just have to take it as a given that tama 1's nunchucks and tama 2's staff were both well received and gained passes.  Tama 1 did single- and double-nunchucks.  Maybe I'll record them practicing at home and load them on my personal FB page so family and friends can view it there.  We'll see.  I have a busy week ahead so I'll see how I go.

- - o o O o o - -

Tamāhine 1 trained along with the boys, but not quite as intense, because she was not grading this time.  She has to wait until she turns 13 before she can go for her next black belt.  So, while the boys put in their extra training, tamāhine 1 has been working on art etc.  I snapped these while she worked the other day:

Kadinsky concentric circles

- - o o O o o - - 

We squeezed in a hīkoi in the Redwoods before the weather turned last week
(photos by tama 2)
I was browsing through a couple of the poetry books at home and as I look at this next photo by tama 2, I recalled a poem by Robert Frost, and although I've used this Redwoods track countless times over the years, it's not till now that it stands out to me and my significance of trying to homeschool - and especially to homeschool my challenging kōtiro.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference - Robert Frost

Tama 4 wants to talk to every Tom, Dick and Harry and on this particular day, there were a lot of delays. :)

- - o o O o o - -

Well, this upcoming week I will be working on tama 4's exemption application.  Remember, I said I'd get it out of the way during our winter break?  He's only 5 1/2 and although I can, by rights, apply now, I am not planning on doing so - unless I write such a wicked application (hey! they've all been wickedly good!) then perhaps I'll stick it in.  My thought process is to draft it and come the end of October or very early November, add any new information that took place between now and then, and shove it in cos his birthday falls in January.  I need to do it this week while the kids have a rest from TKD.  Seeing as it's school holidays around Aotearoa, we'll take a break too.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to create a sixth one.  Trying to write something - just regurgitated with different wording! - is the challenge.  But, I'll pull a rabbit out of the hat by the end of it I guess ...

   ... I hope

          ... I wish

                     ... I better!

So, right now as I finish this wee post and juggle correspondence for the business and gather my materials to write this exemption, the kids are all playing cricket.  Tamāhine 2 ran over to help me use the laptop.  I needed someone to help me because the sun was too bright on the screen and I couldn't make head nor tail what was on the screen so she pressed the stop/go button while I held it.  Here's me thinking it was easier than using the camera, lol.  It's all of six seconds long.

Anyway, I really gotta dash.  Busy week ahead.

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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Romankids Homeschool Academy Art Central

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

I admit from the outset, our children do not get their artistic ability from their mother! but I do value they all have an arty flair about them, so I have always tried to search out good resources.

Our staple diet for art:
  • Library books
  • Pinterest
  • web resources (some free, some not)
  • online classes and
  • Meet the Masters 

It is certainly the norm for one or more to be drawing, painting, crafting (or in the case of little fingers; scribbling on furniture and graffiti the walls) throughout the week.  And it's certainly not unusual to discover material once placed in a recycling bin somehow finding its way back to the classroom again! - but I'm sure you can all relate to that! :)

Today, I wanted to record where we are at with Meet the Masters because we have completed eight nine lessons to date, and feel it is a good time to stop here and give a brief account of how we think things are going.

You will recall from a previous post I mentioned we decided on the three-year subscription via HomeschoolBuyers Co-op.  We are using the 10-adult age group with tamāhine 1 as my main student (she being the reason I purchased it in the first instance).  To date, I have found this to be an excellent resource because it is bringing her to the next level in her art studies.  Is it more art theory?  Well, yes it is more art theory, but with a neat project to explore different mediums in respect to each artist, so the child is still developing art skills.

{This is not a review:: This is just me recording progress and to remind myself how it works well for us.}

We do MTM on a Wednesday or Thursday and it usually pans out over two or three days.

Day 1 - 

I play the audio while printing out the lesson (between 12 and 18 pages).  Then we press Start Lesson.  Our computer is hooked up to the HDMI and we watch on the large screen (just something nicer about viewing from the telly rather than the laptop, I dunno why, lol.)

Everything is clearly set out on the lesson plan.  I simply read the relevant passage in relation to each slide.

At the end of the lesson there is a quiz.  Today's lesson on Georgia O'Keefe was slightly different.  The children had to call out the matching word or phrase to what I called out.  That was fun!

We usually end Day 1 here.

Day 2 - 

The children gather materials required for their art assignment.  As mentioned above, this can pan out over two or three days as we allow life to interrupt, as well as allow the children to collect their thoughts.

On completion they place their art in their portfolio (which was one of the very 
first things completed with the preview lesson if I remember correctly.)

We choose to spread the lesson over a few days rather than place an expectation to have it all completed in one day.  If we take a week, we take a week.

Picasso week

For our family this is a perfect fit.  The name says it all -- Meet the Masters.  I find it completely satisfactory for taking art to the next level for our keen artists.

Hopefully I'll check back in and leave another record at the end of this year to see how we are finding the program.  Three years is a long time, but I do hope it will inspire the kids with their own art, and deepen their appreciation of fine art.  This is one area I had no depth of understanding, so my own growth is a pleasure to explore too.

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