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".... will never, ... be finished"

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Family and friends reading the subject line will no doubt be thinking, "Ha!  Maree's having a grumble thinking their house will never be finished!"

But, in fact, I'm not!  (Well, not today at least.  Hee hee)

The above is actually a quote by Georg Carstenen in 1844.  "And who might he have been?" I hear you ask.

Georg Carstenen was the founder of Tivoli Gardens which is, amongst other things, the second oldest amusement park in the world. The park and garden are in Copenhagen, Denmark. We read about it in Number the Stars today.

We've just got to the chapter where the Johansen family are planning to conceal Ellen Rosen as part of their family.

It is at the beginning of the chapter when the two friends are playing with their paper dolls and part-way through are joined by Anne-Marie's little sister, Kirsti.  Anne-Marie decides that because Kirsti is "too young to go to a ball" and comes up with the idea that they can go to Tivoli instead.

Enter → GoogleLit.  Look where it is located in relation to where the family lives and take a tiki tour of the park and that sort of thing.

We read that Tivoli Gardens were founded in 1843 and visitors have included celebrities such as Hans Christian Anderson for one, AND!! Walt Disney, for another.

Here's a Did You Know for you ....

Did you know that Walt Disney actually modelled Disneyland after Tivoli Gardens?  He is said to have been so impressed that he wanted to recreate Tivoli's "happy and unbuttoned air of relaxed fun."

"Tivoli will never, so to speak, be finished," said Georg Carstenen, a sentiment echoed by Walt Disney when he said, "Disneyland will never be finished as long as there is imagination left in the world."  Both men believing things would constantly change.

Here's a very short video we watched ... it's all of 1:01 !!!!

Before I sign off, I'll just add something else we learned:

This is not the only Tivoli.  According to Wikipedia there is a Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, Jamaica; Tivoli in Italy; Tivoli in Slovenia and a Tivoli Garden in Hong Kong, etc.  (If you do a search under "Tivoli" in Wikipedia, you'll see quite a long list.)

And the very last part of the rabbit trail of other Tivoli for today: → We wanted to see which might be the oldest Tivoli (could we find out where it originates from? is it named after anyone in particular?).  We thought perhaps the Tivoli in Italy might be the oldest.  Yes, it does have a long and fascinating history.  It is a city, which was actually called Tibur, (the city used the diminutive form as Tiburi though).  Then it transformed through Tibori to Tiboli and finally to Tivoli.  It's an interesting read if you care to take a gander.

I'm hoping to do some more research and see what else we can unearth about the actual name Tivoli.

So there you go ... that's something we learned today.

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PS  Enjoy the extra second for your birthday, Warrick!!

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