Sunday, 28 June 2015

LEARNZ Opera - Put on a Show!

Nau mai, hoki mai, welcome back!

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Back in mid-March this year I read on one of the homeschool group feeds that NCHENZ were offering a discounted rate for the above.  (Follow this link  or this link to learn the interesting history behind the formation of LEARNZ.)

The words "Virtual Field Trips" immediately caught my eye.  I was confident RHA would be interested in trying this.  So, being the Jack Nohi that I am, I decided to check it out.

Scrolling down the About page, they have a really nice timeline sharing past field trips.  That had me intrigued:  What field trips did they have lined up for 2015?  How do we get started? 

A good place to start is the LEARNZ promotional video under Tautoko section on the LEARNZ web site, or, if you're on the NCHENZ web site, then this page explains everything you need to know.

After a lengthy-enough browse I decided to register. 

NCHENZ offers a 30% discount.  
There are three options available: 
1 child, 2 children, 3+ children

To get my bearings, we chose an old field trip and watched a few episodes before taking the plunge to register for a "live" virtual field trip.  You can enter either on the live audioconference and/or through the Backchannel (Adobe Connect platform, which our family is extremely familiar with).

Anyway, the above background is to help paint a picture of the forthcoming Opera - Put on a Show! virtual field trip RHA has registered for.  This is the first time we're joining a live field trip weeks in advance.  By registering early we have already had a preliminary session to discuss how the field trip of Madama Butterfly is planned and allows time to come up with questions etc.

Here are just a few of the pointers highlighted that participating schools will enjoy from the field trip:
  • Go to the opening night performance and experience selected parts of Madama Butterfly
  • Go backstage
  • Meet the costuming and makeup experts
  • Meet a member of the crew
  • Meet New Zealand opera singers brought back from overseas
  • Watch and listen as professional opera singers warm up and perform
One of the main reasons I wanted to register for this particular field trip is because I know there is very little chance we could ever afford to take our kids to a real opera. 

That, and the fact we get the chance to meet some singers, crew members, look around the building where it will be performed, see selected dress rehearsals .... you get the idea.

Within the information that we received upon registration, there's plenty to help us prepare and gain a better insight of what is entailed, so we are very much looking forward to this.

Looking forward to it.

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