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Happy Mid-Year

Tama 3

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

Tama 3 is coming along swimmingly with his reading.  I am so glad I bought this hardcover copy of Frog and Toad, all thanks to not being able to find the readers at our library whenever we went.  Sure, I could have requested the next available copy, but I decided that this is one particular reader I've enjoyed the kids using in the past, so being a hardcover-book-lover, I went ahead and purchased our own copy.

Since April I have had tama 3 read 2 pages per day as part of his reading practice.  I've planned it out in the same method as the AO schedule (exempli gratia spreading the reading over a 12 week period).  He happily reads the 2-3 pages without stressing about trying to read an entire story at each sitting.

His spelling and math are right up there with his reading, so I'm very happy with his progress.  We've been a little slack with Latin, not having learned anything new for a week or two.  [Heavy sigh.] Like so many I'm striving to be the best homeschooling mum I can be, so it can feel disappointing on most days that I'm not covering all the bases.  I try not to beat myself up about it, but, well ... I am still working on that side of things.  Yes, I still go to bed feeling frustrated I didn't do enough.

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Today I began the children's French revision.  I'm utilising the above from Memoria Press.  We squeezed this in after continuing our reading of:

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It's been a couple of years since we left our readings of this series, but it's great to pick it up again.  I do hope to complete reading the nine books in The Little House on the Prairie series without taking another break of two years or whatever it was.

Tamahine 1 worked on her art assignment as I read.  Art assignment?  Yep, that means we've started another online class huh?!
Tamahine 1 and I are both suitably impressed with her new art teacher.  This is going to be a great eight weeks!!!


I'm pleased I've managed to find plenty of art-related resources recently.  Tamahine 1 really does enjoy her arts and craft, so to find excellent people online makes me happy, so thank you YouTube, social media and online classes.

Oh! to see her happy face when she gets more art supplies.  She couldn't wait to go out on the weekend to buy some more watercolours and what-have-you.  We no sooner got home and she started painting a tui in watercolour.  It's coming along very nicely.  I've hung it out of reach until she continues, so as to avoid little fingers adding their artistic flair. (wink)

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Maybe you're curious how we are getting along with following the AO schedule?  Have we ditched it only after a few weeks?  

One month and we're on track with what I chose to do.  Everyone started on Y4 so that we could get a feel.  Now I've settled on Y7 for tama 1 and Y6 for tamāhine 1 (with tama 2 to a certain extent, but he's mainly Y4). Tama 3 is on Y1 with tamāhine 2.  Tama 3 is coping a lot better with giving me attention, but it will still take time for him to perfect that particular trait, lol.

I'm trying my very best to stick to exactly what is on the AO schedules without venturing off too much.  However, one difficulty is finding enough hours in the day to cover all the levels.  Until the kids we are a little more comfortable with the mechanics we shall continue with me reading a good chunk of it all to/with everyone.

The thing is, I could easily have left it to start when families in the US will start Term 1, but I'm starting now as a means of getting ourselves involved at a gradual pace.  If we are successful in our approach then we can continue, or at the very least start from Term 1 like our northern hemisphere friends.

Basically it's a combination of the whole lot, with everyone listening in on chosen segments.  Tamahine 1 is definitely the most familiar with AO because over the years I have had her read books which are under the "free reads" area.

We've got about eight three chapters left to read in The Hobbit, so no, we haven't followed the AO schedule with that.  We had already decided to be reading it before I made the bold decision to follow CM more fully.  The same is almost true with Watership Down.  I had already ordered it and decided to read as a family read-aloud before starting the AO schedule.  We're only just in the early chapters of Watership Down so that will be a long time finishing.  That's read just before we go to sleep, so everyone is tucked in bed to enjoy that one!  Whaiāipo is usually working on the computer as he listens next to us, but he tries to get his work finished as quickly as possible to be a part of it.

I wonder if we will finish reading it before moving back upstairs?  I sure hope not!  ... but that's another story.

This past month I chose to concentrate on what the first page of each schedule had listed so I knew exactly what to read each week.  This meant subjects such as art for example, wasn't given a specific time.  It was just done on the fly.  The bulk of the subjects on the second page of the schedules weren't introduced yet (Shakespeare, Plutarch, etc.)  But, now that we have tried a month and the kids are recalling what we read the week prior, I am confident we can start introducing a few more subjects.  Many of the subjects I need more guidance though.  That's where I'll be researching on SCM and LBC, on the Yahoo Groups, on the Forums, blogs.  I basically need a "Day 1 ... do this, find this, draw this, describe this ..." that sort of thing.  Shakespeare?  Plutarch?  Eek.

I truly want CM to work for us, but I'm not afraid to admit I haven't the foggiest idea how to do some of these subjects.  But, it's pointless putting things off when I want so much for them to work.  If I can spend the time figuring out what works for us to learn Latin or anything else, then that's what I have to do for some of these other subjects.  Giving up when I haven't tried my hardest?  No, that's not what we do.  Plenty of families have said they struggled at first.  I just have to figure out how to work it for our family.

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This post went on a lot longer than I anticipated, so I'll finish off there and head off for dinner.

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