Monday, 11 May 2015


Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

As many are aware, our family enjoy online classes.  The children and I have made so many wonderful friends.

We had a great shock last week to learn of the death of two brothers who were involved in a car accident.

It is fair to say I don't think I have been affected by anything like this before, ie  my children losing friends.  It's not the same as me losing a family member or friends.

Anyway, our online family have created a fundraiser which is lovely - especially as we live so far away, this is one of the best ways we can extend our condolences.

Also, the children have been discussing in the forums how they could honour the boys in another way.  There is word of a virtual memorial and I tautoko that idea.

I took the children to mass and we offered our prayers also.  It helped immensely, but by the same token, the sadness is ever-present.  It was nice to have koro there too.  My brothers all rang me to say they were sorry to hear about the accident, which was very special to us.  Whaiāipo has been wonderful also.  He has taken such an interest in the kids classes, he knows exactly who the boys were, so the effect really has hit our family.  Over the years, the kids all spoke at length of each others aspirations, interests etc - as any friendship does so to experience the loss of a friend at their age now?  I just can't fathom.

For myself, I am thankful that I am able to communicate with some of the teachers who know only too well how much my children know the family, so I am touched that they have thought to keep us in their thoughts and prayers.  That's nothing short of a blessing.

Well, this post is to commemorate Josh (18) and Caleb (8) and to highlight that friendships are very real even with online communities.  Our kids were in classes with them for two + years.  As Student Ambassadors, tama 1 and Josh communicated outside class also, especially as they would always encourage each other's weekly SA forum days.  Tama 1 wrote a beautiful piece for his friend last week.  I did not place any expectation on him to write anything.  At 13 years of age, to lose a friend and to compose something ... well, I simply spoke to him about things and he wrote from the heart.

As the weekend past and another week began, I caught myself feeling sad that time is continuing for us and our days are filled with noise, squabbles, mess etc.  Yet, our friends are in deep pain with the quietness of an emptier house yet to come and a new norm to adjust to.  We can take solace in knowing that the boys are in Heaven with Our Lord, but the grief is ever present.  May it make us stronger and remind us all to love each other more each day.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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