Saturday, 23 May 2015

Hey, I at least gave you one pic, lol :)

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

A good week was had by all - I especially enjoyed Friday because I paid off my credit card, thanks to the Homeschooling Supervision Allowance.  Like many folk, I have a love/hate relationship with the credit card.  I can do well for months on end, controlling what I use it for, such as annual subscriptions for some of the kids internet sites and Kindle books.  [Thank goodness for Kindle, I say!  Our home library is twice the size of what it actually is all because of free, or extremely cheap Kindle books.]  It's on occasions such as buying timber for the house that the credit card becomes my loyal friend.  Trouble is, he hangs around like a bad smell and it takes me months to keep him at bay.


During the week we received some second-hand furniture, blankets and a few clothes.

The only piece of furniture I will use - until we (eventually) finish the house - is a set of shelves.  The single bed and dresser I will give away.  Some of the blankets I will retain, but again, the bulk of it will go.  I'll try to have a good poke around to see how much we can give away along with these items.  I do tend to donate a lot of things every fortnight to three weeks.  Perhaps I'll give it all to Women's Refuge this time around.


The children enjoyed attending CurrClick's End of Year events.  (It ended this morning - Saturday - NZ time.)  The last day is always the Talent Show.  What incredible talent - as in, REALLY great talent. 

So that's it for our online semester-length classes as America heads into summer break.  I've already registered tama 1 for two full-year classes (not CurrClick).  I just need to save up for one full-year class he will do at CurrClick and at this stage, four semester-length classes for the three older children.  So long as I don't dip into that credit card!!!

We do have a few enrichment classes we'll take part in - especially a Spanish reading class.


We had a great start to AO.  I don't think I've read so much aloud in all my life.  In fact, I know I haven't.

Some of the text you could see a couple of kids attention wandering, although I did try my absolute best to define certain words or phrases without losing momentum of the reading itself.  Tamāhine 1 could NOT comprehend why we only read a chapter of things though.  When I tried to explain it to her, I don't think she was impressed, even when I said she's allowed to take any of the books on the additional reading and go for it.  The bulk of the books on the additional reading list she's already read, so naturally she's wondering why she can't just go ahead and read all of Robinson Crusoe instead of following an agonising weekly schedule dragging it out over 12 weeks or whatever it may be. LOL.  I don't blame her.  I'm pretty much the same, but she'll get used to it.  Considering we've all got a couple of books on the go at one time, this is just another way of throwing another book into the mix.  She'll soon see how it will pan out (and make sense).

Tama 3 will take quite a while to get into the rhythm of listening to a story.  He was perfectly okay with Whale by Rudyard Kipling, as well as the two fables from Aesop's Fables - but only because he knows the bulk of Aesop's stories from watching them on the telly.  Such a pity they know stories from watching the tube (sigh).  Hei aha, if he's able to connect the dots that way then I'll accept it.

The Parables of Nature was just a total nightmare for him.  I tried to encourage him to play with Legos, or draw, or relax on the bed while I read it to him, but man!  It was like I was asking him to reach for the moon. 

This is a new concept for him, so time will teach him the rhythm of the day and all will be well soon enough.  It's just a case of persevering and teaching him diligently.

Pleasingly, the bigger kids enjoyed listening to the stories.  In particular, they we all learned a tremendous amount from the first story in Our Island Story; Albion and Brutus.

I'm glad I'm making a proper dedication to following AO now!

I am grateful the ladies have linked to a lot of text available for free online, or cheap Kindle.  I purchased a lot from each level over the last few years, so I haven't had to buy anything - EXCEPT Minn of the Mississippi and Paddle to the Sea.  Not bad, nē?


Oh, the two older kids aced their French exam (okay, that actually sounds far more intense than what it really was ... but they aced it nonetheless.)  We will take a break from French before revising in a few months and move up into the next chapters.  I want to concentrate on a few other areas, with only the odd revision to keep it up.  Spanish will need to be revised also, so I will have to look at how we organise everything around AO.  (Note that I say organise "around" AO and not the other way around?  Nope, that's what I used to do in the past and that's how it always ended up going out the window and we just read books on the list rather than follow the schedule.  Not this time!  No siree!)

As for Latin, we didn't achieve as much as I thought.  Well, that's not entirely correct.  I allowed for our transition into AO so I knew our my concentration would be centred on making good progress with AO, so what we did complete was actually okay.  We'll get there, I'm sure.  It's just a matter of transitioning, trialing and tweaking and accepting I can't squeeze in too much each day.

Winter is when I normally relax our schooling somewhat to allow for any illnesses.  Touch wood we don't get crook like last winter.  We managed to get through the entire winter with no colds or flu because this year I'm trying it differently.  In order to follow AO we will continue at our pace with sick days as needed.


Unfortunately, I cannot show any of the art created this week.  Such a pity, I would love to show what  tamāhine 1 created, but because we signed up for the little class, I would be breaching copyright no doubt.  Oh well, we get to enjoy it on our wall.  Tama 4 drew something, but again, that is from something we found online.  Tamāhine 1 gave him very clear instructions on how to draw the lines, and he followed everything just as she told him.  Not once did she have to hold his hand to correct anything.  I watched on and felt excited for him to complete his assigned art work.


Other news on the horizon .... our neighbours are selling up.  They put the house on the market this week.  Oh man, I wish we could buy it.  For family and friends, you all know we had to sell that section when the old business was going belly-up.  I would dearly love to buy it back, but there's no chance of that.  It will be interesting to see who buys it.  It's not likely whoever buys it will have a family, the house the current owners put on there is sooo tiny.  Anyway, it'll be interesting.  Just wish it was us taking it back.


Well, one of these days I'll get around to adding a photo or two.  Hopefully you stuck around long enough to have a read.  I'm off now to read:

The AO Forum is so helpful.  I am grateful to have learned of so many wonderful books courtesy of the AO forum and AO member blogs!

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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