Friday, 17 April 2015


Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Although it's school holidays in New Zealand, we haven't actually stopped due to the online classes, but we are winding down to the end of them.  I think the kiwi holidays will be over and done with before the last online class ... or very close to it.  Aaah, it's going to be nice to relax and just have our home learning on its own for a while.

I have spoken a little bit with Schere about tama 2 taking up Spanish.  I am not 100% sure whether to commence him yet.  It will depend how we continue with Latin.  If, by the time Spanish starts, he is doing well enough with Latin, then I guess there's no reason not to try Spanish, but I will play it by ear at the minute.  Tamāhine 1 will return to Schere, and that makes me really happy.

As soon as tama 1  has finished doing his assignments for Python he can have a rest for a week or whatever and then we will kick into AO, join in with the others in Latin etc.

All the books are in from Classical Academic Press.  I think I mentioned I had to contact Customs, didn't I?

Well, now I'm awaiting the arrival of French books from Memoria Press.  I've had to write to them and tell them they have not arrived.  As of 4 April they are in NZ somewhere but I have absolutely no idea where they've got to after Auckland.  Not here, that's for real.

Speaking of French, CAP will have French available in summer (US obviously, so not long to wait).  I didn't know that before I purchased MP's French.  Hei aha.

Schere posted the book the students will read in literature class, so I've ordered that from Book Depository.  "Because of Winn-Dixie" which is entitled "Gracias a Winn-Dixie" in the Spanish version,  We've never read the English version let alone attempt the Spanish. Funnily enough I purchased the English version on Kindle a few months back so that's good.  I will start reading that tonight I think to get an idea of the story.

Tamāhine 1 continues to read like a Trojan and she's been so excited to get back to the the library.  Being without wheels, the library visits came to a grinding halt.  Tama 2 is reading so much more than he ever has done.  Granted, he is reading Asterix and Geronimo Stilton books, but hey!  it's a start.  Tama 3 grabs dozens!!

Speaking of tama 3, he is coming along great guns with his maths and reading and writing.  I want to start him on cursive just as soon as I can see he can write nicely without following my guide-marks on the page.

Anyway, that's a quick rundown.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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