Saturday, 18 April 2015

Good day for planning

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

One day I will sit down and make a new blog - or at least try to revamp the looks of this one.  Well, actually, the intention is to make a website with tama 1.  At this stage we're just making a "pretend" one.  One day - when tama 1 is ready, it will go live.  He's still learning and experimenting.  I've already shown him what little knowledge I have in that area.  Time for him to spread his wings.

Well, this morning I made sure to add all the dates for online classes starting later this year.  It is so tricky having to make sure I change the times on the calendar when it comes to the changes in DST in both countries!  Then again, I'm a pro at it now, lol, so it doesn't take too much effort.  I've also added French 3 (not that I've paid for that).  Having it sorted out, I avoid us coming in late or, on the other side of the coin, too early.

It's raining today.  Certainly getting the change in seasons now.  When we have sunshine, it's lovely, but of course, it's getting dark earlier in the evenings.  I dunno about you, but for me, I count down to the shortest day as something to look forward to, cos then it's the excitement of knowing the days gradually get longer.  (Just my corny way of staying positive.)

Whaiāipo was meant to be working on the house but he hasn't come home yet.  It's now after midday,(after 1pm now!) so who knows what time he will make it.  He had to go out to Tarawera of all places!  I've asked him to buy us something to go with lunch - seeing as it's raining.  Such a miserable day (weather-wise).

Have I mentioned I looked at the Greek class that HSC has?  Only the recorded class ... but I like it!!!  We will introduce that into our lessons at some later date (ie  probably not this year).


Oh yeah!!!!  I'll be so excited if we master any of these.  (Tama 1 is mastering Spanish, so he's on the road to bilingualism).  I could count coding too I guess but that and te reo I don't really class under foreign language, but yeah, another language to know.  It's been how many years now since we did anything with Irasshai?  Too many, but then again, plenty of time.  It hasn't been binned, it's just side-lined.  The kids have been exposed to it, know it's there and we will pick it up at some stage.  Whether tama 1 wants to try Mandarin again in the future, well, who knows.  There's a lifetime of learning, so he will know what he wants to do.  Me, I prefer Japanese.  None of the four tones in the language.  I used to like writing Kanji, Hirigana and Katakana (hey! I even remember the names of the writings, ha ha! High five to me!) 

Right, I need to work on our other subjects for term II.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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