Saturday, 4 April 2015

Early April

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

So, tamāhine 1 turned 12 yesterday - it just happened to fall on Good Friday this year.  That meant we didn't see koro or the boys because, of course, dad went to mass.  We spoke to them all in the early evening.

Nana Nancy came over though bearing Easter eggs and things.  It was lovely having her.


Being Easter, the kids received pyjamas, but yuck! My poor girls were given "onesies" !! Aaargh!!  The boys got good pyjamas, but my girls?  ONESIES?!!!  Are you kidding me?  Who the hang came up with the idea - worse still, who came up with such a stupid name?  I can't stand the things.  {Oh dear, I see some people heading out the door, never to return to this blog.  Hei aha.}  Tamāhine 2 actually wore her one last night because it's a novelty.  She soon took it off when she felt hot - thank goodness.  Tamāhine 1 is not keen on her one in the slightest.  I cannot believe that even adults wear the ridiculous things.  What adult in their right mind thinks they look any good?  I hold them right up there in the same category as pants hanging around backsides.  Pa.the.tic.


The kids awoke to the keyboard for their surprise.  Tamāhine 1 can probably claim it as her birthday present, but in actual fact it is meant for them all.  I did say that to them, but I think the boys were happy enough for tamāhine 1 to feel privileged.

Tama 2 was a good boy and sat down within minutes of seeing it to work on his music composition.  It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.


Tamāhine 1 completed her Zeta workbook; she just has the test booklet to complete, so she will either finish that next week if we keep working right through.  I really don't want to lose the momentum of the classes, but by the same token we do have to get Tama 1's project completed for Spanish.  I don't usually have to worry about maths though.  The kids normally take full ownership of their maths lessons, so yeah, she should be completely finished next week.


Whaiāipo got the van motor all sorted yesterday.  He almost had it done when Nancy arrived.  So, as soon as she left he completed it.  He took it for a drive last night.  He said it drove well.  Today he will take the shelving out, put the seats and seatbelts back in.  Yay!  Then it is ready to go for a warrant on Tuesday (if he has time to do it then).  So, we are almost ready to get out on the road as a whole family soon.  At least it came in handy for him when he first went out in business.  Don't forget, to check out the website if you need a plumber!

This morning, he has taken tama 2 and tama 3 to get a haircut and then drop off library books.  He will come home afterwards and take tama 1 and tamāhine 1, so tama 1 can get a haircut and then the two of them get to go into the library also.  It may be inconvenient that he can only take two passengers in the van, but we've planned things out really well around some of his plumbing as well as incorporate the kids to get to the library.  Because he does some work for the barber, the trips to the barber shop tie in with what he needs to do there too.  So, it's all good.


It started off as a really nice, clear blue sky kind of a day ... but now there is cloud.  We had a super super SUPER day yesterday.  Hot, sunny and just perfect for a birthday girl.  Hopefully this cloud will lift and we had a great clear night for that eclipse to watch just before 1.00am.


Oh, we pushed the piano outside yesterday.  We will push it over to the shed later today.  The kids can clank it over there.  I just wanted more room in the school room.  Much easier to move a keyboard around than the piano.

The material from CAP arrived.  I had my first experience having to contact customs because of that order.  My package was held until I could verify it was for personal use.  I had to send through a copy of the invoice, which I did.  It wasn't over the amount required to pay any further tax, thank goodness.  {Mental note:  Be sure to check the customs website to see how much I can bring in before further tax is added.}  That was certainly a first.  Hardly anything to what I ordered, so pretty weird it was held up, but I certainly didn't mind.

Looking forward to finishing with the online classes.  The final classes will be filled with great presentations.  Which reminds me, I am "meant" to be helping compose tama 1's Spanish assignment.  The video needs to be in by the 8th (well, our 9th).  I haven't written much at all, and knowing me I will probably re-do what I have already rewritten.  I'm trying to draw on my knowledge of the history of Rotorua for tama 1.  He'll be translating and then it's thinking of where to shoot the scenes.


Tama 5 is playing on the keyboard right now making all sorts of silly noises!!  Crazy kid.  A big hint for mum to get off the computer, nē?!  Besides, Uncles Craig and Mark should be heading this way at some point, so I had better try tidying up the work spaces.  They are full to overflowing.

Plus, I really MUST work on that assignment!  The uncles will come in handy, as they always do, to pick their brains for ideas on la ciudad.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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