Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Math courtesy of tama 4

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

I just remembered to document something from a little while back.

Tama 4:   "There's an alien called Rankray.  There's another alien called Maggie.  Maggie had a cup, so that's why the answer is a cup."

Okay, what's the significance of that?  We laughed at the time because it was so darn cute they way he did it.

About a week ago, tama 2 was stuck on a math question.  I'm fairly sure it was converting litres into cups or vice versa.  Something relatively simple, but the wording had tama 2 confused.  He's in MUS Zeta and there are plenty of review questions to do with litres, millilitres and so on.

He was stuck as I say trying to interpret the wording correctly, so as always we use the whiteboard or tools - such as the Pyrex measuring dish in this instance, to help solidify concepts.  On this particular occasion we were in deep discussion (when I say "we" I mean, tama 1, myself and whichever student is struggling with a concept), when suddenly tama 4 raises his hand - to which we all laughed at such a sight (raising a hand? What?)

 "Tama 1!" says the little scholar,
{Okay!  So, of course he didn't say "tama 1" ... but you can follow this story I'm sure} 
"I have a question."
Tama 1 asks him to proceed and that's when he came out with the above.  We all looked at each other totally confused, as I'm sure you are too.  But then we all laughed and he laughed.

Just the fact he raised his hand to ask a question was hilarious enough.  But, it goes to show, they are listening even when you're actually teaching someone else. 

Very cute.

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