Saturday, 27 September 2014

Starting French

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

We started French three weeks ago now and, having already known what Mr G is like, I knew the kids would enjoy it.  Mr G is a wonderful teacher.  Both tamāhine 1 and tama 1 have responded well to his style.  We already know his style anyway because we used to belong to the belong to the Language and Culture Club he used to run a few years ago.

There was a discussion the other day about the French not putting a full-stop (or period as the Americans call it) after Mme and Mme but there is one after M. for Monsieur.  We wrote to Mr G explaining that maybe they are like us and the British where we don't use a full-stop after Mr or Mrs anymore.  I'll copy the message here:

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

10:28 AM: Hi Mr G,

My mum said I should send you a copy of what I wrote from some of our learning today. We hope you don't mind. :)

Today in française we talked about abbreviations. Monsieur G showed us that in Le France, they use a full-stop after the abbreviation M. for monsieur. (In New Zealand we call it a full-stop, but in the States it is called a period.) The abbreviation "Mme" for Madame and "Mlle" for Mademoiselle.

My family talked about the use of the full-stop after abbreviations. Mum explained that we follow the British - we don't use a full-stop after Mr or Mrs because the abbreviation ends with the same letter as the whole word. (When we are in our online classes we sometimes forget because we see our American friends using the full-stop, lol)

If the letter at the end the abbreviation is NOT the one at the end of the whole word, then that's when we use a full-stop - like Prof. (Professor) or Capt. (Captain).

So it looks like French is similar Mlle (Mademoiselle) and Mme (Madame) the last letter of the entire word is "e" so you don't put a full-stop, but it's M. (Monsieur) because they haven't used the last letter "r".

Pretty cool.

10:16 PM: Merci ..... ! It looks like you must be right, that makes complete sense. I had never thought about it before! I'll try to remember to share this with the class on Wednesday if that's OK. Thanks for writing.

Week 3 completed today.  We have classes three times per week for an hour each class.  There are something like 54 students registered, but today I noticed we had 31 in class.  That's still large so the chances of getting on the mic are really slim.  Tama 1 got on once today and then when he went into español (which started with Señora Schere today and is unfortunately scheduled halfway through française now), tamāhine 1 asked if she could have a go.  Cool, considering I wasn't with her for a little while to check on tama 1.

So far the kids can say Bonjour! Je m'appelle ..... Je suis néo zélandais or néo zélandaise.  Je suis de Rotorua.  There's some other phrases, but also they concentrated on learning numbers 1-10 and then 20-60.  The nasal sound is hard to do quite often, but it's all practice.

Tama 1 got stuck into Spanish easily enough.  Using WizIQ will take some getting used to.  Schere knows exactly what I think of WizIQ, but I tautoko her with this new venture, so if that's what she's chosen then kei te pai.  The tarea and diapositivas we couldn't access which was weird, but I could watch the recording which was good and seemed to play well enough.  I still prefer Adobe - hands down!, but I'm always open to change so it's just a case of switching gears (backward gears if you ask me ;) ).

During class Schere mentioned Vía Dolorosa.  We knew that via is Latin for 'road' and 'way' and it wasn't until later that I recalled that Vía Dolorosa is in reference to when Jesus walks the road of sorrow before he is crucified.  Man, my religious background is like foreign languages - all but forgotten.

This recording is in Spanish.  Might share it with the class seeing as it was mentioned.  We'll see.

So, French is three times per week and today marked the end of week 3.  How totally cool.

Today Monsieur G shared some photos with the class so I think we better get tamāhine 1 to send her drawing of Eiffel Tower.
She did this as part of the Artventure which we subscribed to via the NCHENZ.  Totally glad we got a discount on that!  Between tamāhine 1 and tama 3 they are the two biggest users of it.  Not the best photo but it's unmistakeable nē rā?

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano

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