Sunday, 6 April 2014

Daylight Saving ended

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Daylight Saving ended last night.  The big kids are at TKD and it's already dark, boo hoo!!!  The clock is nearing 6.30pm and I guess it will be pitch black by then.  Tama 5 is climbing on anything and everything.  I need eyes in the back in my head as I type this!

I'll keep this post very short and sweet.

Tamāhine 1 turned 11 last week.  We had the usual quiet family day.  They had TKD that night, plus whaiāipo had to work half day followed by a plumbers thingy between 4.00pm-6.00pm.  So, we had the staple chocolate cake and banners as our celebration.  No prezzies from us but koro was really brilliant.  He gave her a bunch of wooden kiwi bookmarks.  They're neat!!

Whaiāipo and the kids have been digging the last few days trying to prep the ground for the decking to go on the southern side.  It's been long, arduous work, but they've done a fantastic job.  I told them that if any of them feel exhausted at TKD then just bow and stand with dad.  I don't need anyone pressuring themselves.  Little tickers are tickers nonetheless.

~ ~ o o O o o ~ ~

I wish I had lots of money.  I just want to buy everything that's in the MP catalogue, lol.  I've tried sourcing stuff in NZ but there's hardly a thing.  What little I can find is exorbitantly priced.  The price of postage though from the States (BEFORE converting into kiwi dollars) is scary too.  I need to think carefully.  I have considered getting just a few bits instead, such as the First Form Latin for the older kids and Latina Christiana I for tama 2.  Or perhaps I should just forget the Latin seeing as we have plenty of it already?  Perhaps I should be looking a subjects for tama 2, instead?

I was keen to buy the logic set but I've already purchased the Art of Argument from CAP for tamāhine 1 (she'll not be ready for another year or two, but I have it in advance) and I think that should be good enough for the likes of that. 

With regard logic, Tama 1 did very well with:
But, I'd really like to use CAP and I think some of the other kids (tamāhine 1 and tama 2 especially) would benefit from the DVD lessons from CAP.

What else am I looking at with CAP?  Well, I still like the looks of Latin Alive! but again, I've probably got enough Latin material, so the verdict is not out yet on whether I'll buy it (but I'm quietly confident I will, mwah ha ha ha - that's my maniacal laugh for yah!)   I'm just a sucker for Latin.  I'm a sucker for language texts.  I do pick them all up and have a good poke around to understand more clearly.  They're just my kind of fun.
~ ~ o o O o o ~ ~

I've dragged out some of the classical texts I have and am finally reading through them again.  I still find Climbing Parnassus a headache.  I just don't understand half of it.  Text like this one just put me to sleep.  It's not written in my style of enjoyment, y'know?  Me thinks I'll still be in the early chapters come a year or two down the track.

Well, I just tried looking for the Greek Koine DVDs again.  I don't know where they've got to.  I had them the other day but for the life of me, I can't see them now.

I ordered what I thought were the lessons for the CAP Greek, but ugh!  I made a boo-boo.  I ordered what I already have!  What a twit!!!  At least I can say I've only ever made double-up errors twice so that's not so tragic in the grand scheme of things.

{I might sneak upstairs again to see if I can't find the Koine DVDs.  Hopefully tama 5 will be okay playing with the others in the lounge.}

Found it!!

We've started using the CAP Greek Alphabet Code Cracker.  It's great.  (Highly recommend.)  I really wish I'd purchased the correct disks.  It was meant to be the Greek disks for Greek for Children.  This is in the same style as Latin for Children.  Seeing as our Spanish is likely to be coming to an end with our wonderful teacher at Currlick, I decided to watch the CAP Spanish for Children.  It has been designed exactly like the Greek and Latin.  The difference with the Spanish is that it's a totally different person teaching and not Chris Perrin - or Dr. Christopher Perrin to you :)  Spanish is going to be left hanging soon .... and if I don't find something fast, we'll forget what we know.

I think that if we can get our heads around Latin for Children, then we should cope with the Greek for Children.  Familiarity in sequence should make a huge difference I think.  But so does an easy style of teaching.  MP has that, both familiarity and ease of teaching.  Trouble is, I'm not "feeling it" with their Greek lessons.

Hmm, here's a quick thought:  Did I even purchase the correct disks?  Probably not, because we had no money back then and I may have just purchased the textbook to see if I liked it and if so, was of the thought I'd buy the disks as and when we could afford (but then probably forgot all about that part eh!!! hee hee.)

Well, it's now 7.30pm and tama 5 is getting scratchy.  I'll finish off here tonight.  I'm really hoping to add some pictures at some point; but when that'll happen - yep

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano