Friday, 9 August 2013

Snippets from today

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!
Lesson 30
The above was a new game on Veritas Press.  As you can see, it's based on Jeopardy.  Tama 2 totally aced it.

Veritas Press have certainly created an educational, yet entertaining online series.  I'm truly thrilled with this purchase.  There's quite a feeling of satisfaction when I print out the weekly reports. :)


Tama 2 completed Test 23 Delta
Tamāhine 1 completed Test 19 Epsilon
Tama 1 completed Lesson 21 C and D

Yesterday we purchased ...
With luck we bought the right supplies! 
Tamāhine 1's art class with Landry Academy begins next week.  Just between you, me and the gate-post, I'm nervous for her.  I know I want her to be challenged, but I just hope it's not too advanced.  Tamāhine  1's work will be graded - something she's not used to!!  However, I must remind myself that when I decided to register tamāhine 1 for this class, I did feel she was ready to be graded.  I just need to hold faith it'll all be okay.  Oh!!  And fingers crossed the textbook arrives before the first class.

Speaking of art, I will register tamāhine 1 for a free art class with a new teacher at CurrClick.
Last word on art...

Today the children enjoyed the special guest at Mark Kistler Live.  The characters they drew are easily recognisable.  Gosh, I feel so excited for them.  Their art has improved in the last year, and I feel privileged to be able to watch it develop even further over the coming months.
Notice how we are able to expand the live feed video?  Wicked eh?!
Well, my second brother should be in the country now.  This will be the first time since mum died that we've gathered together.  Tomorrow we celebrate koro's birthday.  Most of the kids are bathed and ready for the day.  Only two stubborn ones to tackle tomorrow morning, lol.
Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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