Sunday, 18 August 2013

Feels like spring

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Whaiāipo celebrated his 49th this week.  Some of his family were over for the day which was really nice for him.   

I'll share the drawings by tama 2 ...
and tama 1...
Saturday was exciting.  In the mail came tama 1's physics kit ...
I like this photo by tamāhine 1 which she took through the rainbow glasses...

Then tamāhine 1 played with tama 1's "Magnet Man"
That got tama 1 deciding to be creative too...
Tamāhine 1 started working on her art assignment.  The weather has been just a tad too chilly for her to sit outside to work, so I came up with a different idea.  Photograph a segment of what she needed and get it as large as we could.  It seemed to work very effectively.
Today, (Sunday) felt like spring.  Beautifully sunny and warm.  So this morning, I sent her down the back to continue.

And while she worked, her younger siblings played...
By the time she returned to the house, tamāhine 1 was very pleased with her progress.

With luck, the weather will be nice tomorrow to give her another chance to sit with the subject matter 'live.'
Bengal tiger - yep, what about it?

Well, he just so happened to be in the envelope from India.
We chose to open this envelope now because India is the country tamāhine 1 is working with as part of her Windows to the World class.
By opening this envelope her younger siblings are able to join in and learn a little bit with her.

Tamāhine 1 has also worked on her first assignment for the Windows to the World class.  Hopefully we don't run out of time to add one extra idea.

I have been looking forward to this class so much because I know it will really open her eyes to what some peoples of the world face on a daily basis.  Through the wonderful book selection, discussion and sharing of thoughts, I feel confident tamāhine 1 will grow further in her knowledge and compassion for others.

In her introductory class, tamāhine 1 has learned about the 10-40 window.  To help the students gain a little more perspective, they have been assigned countries to research.  It's a very short assignment; with one of the main purposes behind it to simply give the students an opportunity to submit a piece of work.  It's important for students to be familiar and confident with navigating the home page - it can be mind-boggling the first time around.  Being the veterans we are, this is a breezy week.

Well, I must away.  TKD is in an hour and there's much to do.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na


  1. Just wondering what Physic program you are using? We have been using Real Science 4 Kids but nearly finished and looking for something more.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We're using Christian Kids Explore. We had already purchased this text before Apologia had published Exploring Creation Chemistry and Physics (released in just the last few weeks). We had already used CKE Chemistry with success, so we decided to go with CKE for the Physics as well. From this link you can click on a sample - it could possibly be close to Real Science 4 Kids, but I wanted something gentle to get through this term. :) Hope that helps.
      --- Maree