Saturday, 23 March 2013

Student Ambassador Project with CurrClick Student Ning Network

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

Click anywhere on this line I'm typing.  It will take you to the poster I made for tama 1's Student Ambassador Project.
(only available to those I have authorised access - sorry!)

I'm not sure how long we will participate in this weekly event ... it all depends if we are able to keep up with all our usual mahi.  (As it stands, I'm finding our days are over far too quickly and we haven't achieved half as much as I would prefer.)  Definitely looking forward to the next phase of baby-alters-school-routine.  I'm certainly used to it now and I'm able to accept that while a baby is tiny, then school is pretty much out the window.  Once he gets older, then the routine will change again (... and again .. and again, lol.)

The only difficulty- really - is keeping up with online classes.  Before we started taking online classes, it was easy.  We simply achieved what we achieved.  Now, with scheduled (paid) classes, I need to be sure I've got them in classes and trying to submit at least one assignment if possible.  In reality, and in hindsight, I shouldn't have registered for the same amount of classes.  Hei aha, we're managing ... and I simply have to accept that we may not be able to produce as many wonderful pieces of work this semester.  Things will change (as I mentioned above), so it's all kei te pai.

We didn't really know what tama 1 should do for his "day" on the Student Ning Network, but at the last minute, a plan was hatched.  There is only one problem - it has to uploaded at the last minute because at least one picture will be something "current."

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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