Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Birthday Week

Nau mai, hoki mai, and welcome back!

This week I celebrated my 47th birthday.

The day before my birthday, we had the newspaper interview with Jill Nicholas.  I thought it was going to be an interview with tama 1 but turned into more of an interview with me.    I'll talk about that shortly.

But first off, here's some photos from the week. 

Okay, the first big thing is:

Tamāhine 2 traced over my letters correctly following my instructions.  This is HUGE.  Whenever we tried this in the past she couldn't follow the line or make a circle.  I actually only wrote two lines not expecting her to do it at all.  She did so well it was her idea to do a third line.  Her hand grip still needs work but for the most part she's come a jolly long way since we last attempted writing.
What's with the blocks from MUS?  Well, I want to improve her math.  I will try getting her to recognise and understand that the green block is the number one unit block, orange is two, etc.  The sooner she is able to understand what numbers follow each other instead of starting from one all the time will be a momentous occasion.  She kinda has that now but not cemented.  As soon as she does we will be on our way with math.  This could be a very long time away, but with the small steps made it might not be ... just have to wait and see.
On my birthday I received some wonderful surprises.  I had no idea Uncle Craig was sending me anything, but wow! how cool it was to get a birthday present.  Yummy biscotti and cookies.

Threw a couple of photos of tamāhine 2 and tama 3 acting goofy for the camera.
Later in the day Koro came out bearing a rather large box.  A gorgeous bunch of flowers from Uncle Garth and  family.

Uncle Warrick came out on Friday, picked up tama 1, tamāhine 1 and tama 2.  He took them for a good workout in the Redwoods.  Then they grabbed some kai and he made me a yummy pasta lunch.  The kids kinda helped, but he did the bulk today because tama 1 sat in on the last session of Medal of Honor Boot Camp with Lynn Schott (we've taken all the Medal of Honor courses to date).  He had no choice but to be here because he read out our report about Charles Upham.  Here is the link to our document.
 Uncle Warrick also gave me a box of yummy Cadbury Milk chocolates.  Yummos!!!
I also received an ecard from mis amigas en Estados Unidos de América with a special gift attached.
 Plus, dad gave me a great voucher for Farmers:

I just HAVE to add a photo of tama 2.  After having such a fantastic time at camp, he rocked up to Cubs on Monday night and was given a new woggle.  Notice the yellow strip around it?  (it looks golden more like eh?)  Anyway, that means he is second in charge of his group.  There are four groups and he is in the Black Group.
Right, now we're up to the interview with Jill.  Firstly, here's how we had the classroom set up.  It looks really tidy but argh! the photographer wasn't with her.  He will come out another day.  Oh well, not to worry, at least we had it looking pretty darn good for the interview.

To get the ball rolling, Jill brought a scrapbook of some of the newspaper articles she has written to give tama 1 an idea of who she is, what and how she writes.
I had every intention of leaving tama 1 and whaiāipo to it, when suddenly I'm directed the question,"why did you choose to homeschool?"
There began the series of questions, "Will you homeschool all the way through?  Do you school 9 to 3? Are you accountable to anyone? ..."  Plus of course she was asking tama 1 what his favourite subjects are and the question any adult asks of a child, "What would you like to be when you grow up?"
Little did we know that she would chat to tamāhine 1 and tama 2 as well.  They both pretty much clammed up, and whenever they did speak it was very quiet.  She couldn't get over how quiet the house was with the nine of us in it.  She was taken aback that tama 5 was so placid for two hours.  She loved the school room (yep! gotta agree). The fact that she knows dad (and of course knew mum), well she understood that I have discipline in my blood so that kind of answered a number of her questions.
Well, the article may or may not appear on the 16th of March.  Jill thinks another article may get ahead and she explained why.  By the time she left I was feeling drained, so we climbed aboard the bus and went for a hīkoi in the Redwoods.
Oh yeah, did I mention cousin Caleb came over from Oz for Kapa Haka (Matatini).  It was held at Rotorua Stadium.  Our postie and friend told me that apparently you weren't allowed to take drinks (including water would you believe?) or kai.  Everything had to be bought inside.  How rude!  I'm glad I didn't go now.  We would have been broke as soon as we got our tickets let alone having to buy kai and drink.  Shocking.

Anyway, Caleb came out and saw me on the Sunday when tama 1, tamāhine 1 and tama 2 were at camp.  On the Tuesday when he was due to fly out, Koro came out and picked up the big kids and took them to the airport to see him off.  I asked them to take photos with Caleb ... hmmm!!!!  They didn't!!!!!  But they took photos of the plane, Uncle Warrick working and Uncle Warrick with Caleb!!!  What a hoot our tamariki are!!
This is pretty neat though .... tama 2 took a photo from the outside of the airport ...
And this is the front view (I guess it was Polly who took the photo of Uncle Warrick and cousin Caleb?)  Forgot to ask Uncle Warrick who took it.  Anyway, pretty neat huh?  Front and back view, lol
Okay, I have some photos of some lego creations but will add those next time. This post is long enough for today.

Thanks for dropping by
ka kite ano
Naku noa, na

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