Saturday, 23 February 2013

Summer 2012-2013 has been absolutely BRILL

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

So, it's been yonks since I last posted.  Yep, I know, pretty slack.  The old adage is true, there just ain't enough hours in a day!

Yesterday a little ol' couple whaiāipo has been doing some work for, popped in to see me, bearing more beans and zucchini :)  I didn't realise it until whaiāipo told me later that they are very interested in homeschooling.  So I guess we were on display yesterday as they asked me all sorts of things, looking around the room intrigued/fascinated by our "school."  I was more than happy to answer their questions.  (Typically I'm looking around the mess and wishing I'd had a heads-up to expect them ... books, paperwork, crafts sprawled everywhere.  Luckily they just didn't walk all the way through to discover the Lego room!! - Didn't you know "l" is for "lego" not "lounge" ha ha.)

At one stage, the lady asked if I get any time to myself, to which I replied, "I had plenty of alone time before I had children, I don't need any more.  Once they leave home I'll have too much alone time, so I need to enjoy the time that I have."

Here's a few pictures of life in action around the house these past two weeks:
Tama 3 injured his arm playing on the jungle gym at the school where the older children attend TKD on the 11th of February.  By the following Friday he was still wearing my home-made sling (not the one shown in photo) yet it was obvious it wasn't right.  We took him to Lakes Primecare and they did an x-ray which was fired up to the hospital for a specialist to peruse.  The specialist then said he would need to see him, so tama 3 ended up having a support cast for a few days, but luckily he was given the all clear by the specialist when he went to the hospital on Thursday the 21st of February.
Now that we have the school bus, we can finally get out and about as a family again.  We have enjoyed a couple of walks already.
The children are getting back into the swing of school.  It's been a long time since we practiced our cursive, but their writing still looks brilliant.
Following the freak tornado we had a few months ago in which two trees were completely uprooted, we heard a chainsaw on 11 February.  So we went from the above ... to ...

We've been off to some of the many lakes around Rotorua.

Working together on composición española

Tama 1 disappeared upstairs with tamāhine 2 and tama 3 the other day.  When they finally came downstairs this is the attire tama 1 had them dressed in!!!  We'd been talking a little bit about Japan, and the next thing I know, hello!, they're dressed in pretend kimono.  So, I felt pretty good that although I haven't been able to do book-work academics, my kids were teaching their little siblings for me!! 

Seriously classic photo of tama 4 enjoying TWO much Milo.

 Tamāhine 1 has been creating again.  The treasure map looks much better in person.

We've been to the airport to watch Uncle Warrick.  He has a new role which means we don't see a great deal of him when the big planes are in, but we still spot him.
And he still comes over to say gidday.
Tama 3 is so smitten with his baby brother.
A little mahi has been happening around the whare.  We have our own hole-in-the-wall; just not the ATM kind, lol.

TKD, Scouts and Cubs have all recommenced.  It's hard for me to readjust.  It was so pleasant having the summer break.  We are all very much still in summer holiday mode and I certainly enjoyed the time away from away-activities.

Even getting back into school work is rather hit and miss.  Everything is dictated by tama 5, and the enjoyment of summer weather.  I'm trying really hard to pump as much into our day as I can possibly manage.  It's so easy to get stressed and frustrated that we're not getting a huge amount done, but I do try so hard to be relaxed and go with the flow.  When a baby is only a few weeks old, I simply throw timetables out the window.  We can only achieve what we achieve -- don't stress over it.  They are learning whether we choose to believe it or not, eh?


A few photos taken Saturday a.m.  Whaiāipo not only took our three kids, but he ended up helping transport other kids from the troop.  They're just lucky our entire family didn't go in the bus.  That was the original plan - we all go to drop off our kids.  Hmmm .... organisation? ....  hmmm ....

Anyway, the kids are excited.  There's lots of activities set up - tama 2 didn't even bat an eyelid when dad told he was leaving.

My baby girl lost both front teeth within a week.

This was a big week for her.  I feel good with the steps we made.  I'm hoping this was the turning point, I really, really do!!  If she can keep up her effort then we will be on the road to success.  I've always enjoyed a challenge, but she has by far been the BIGGEST challenge I have EVER faced.  But after this week I feel encouraged.... yep ... it was a big week for her and I.

I'll leave it there for now.  The brain is pretty exhausted trying to sit and write.  Out of practice writing a blog!! Ha ha ha.

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Naku noa, na

Monday, 4 February 2013

I don't rule out the possibility

Nau mai, hoki mai and welcome back!

I don't know why, but I've taken a liking to this:
Is it that I would like our children to get into a Catholic University (of which there are none in Aotearoa), or is the church calling me?  Is it Ave Maria?  I'm not sure.  It's not likely our children will get to study in America -- or is it?

I've added it here to keep as a reminder that, hey! who knows? y'know?

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